Janet Dorey - Devon Special Meetings - November 25, 2006

Hymn 244, "My Heart is Resting"


Exodus 16:4, bread from heaven every day to prove them.  This was an answer to a people who murmured.  It would be manna that fell from heaven.

Seven things the manna would prove about them:

1.  Their belief, that it will feed me today and meet my need and give me strength and will master my nature today.  It will meet my need if today if I am lonely or burdened.  If they really believed, they would be out gathering.

2. Their daily faithfulness.  Morning by morning, get up to get it.  Gathered by hand, seed by seed.  Quality time that affected the little ones in their household and others.

3. Their willingness to bow and bed.  They couldn’t work while they did it.  That proved their strength for their soul.

4. Would prove their obedience.  For one day only, it would last except the sixth day when a double portion was preserved.  Obedience opens the door to be fed.

5. Would prove their desires.  Makes us willing to get up and be satisfied and get rest and joy.  Manna would help keep right desires and to cast out wrong desires.

6. Prove their urgency of salvation.  Neglect takes us to the same destiny as rebellion!  This means my salvation.  This is my life and health and soul's strength.  The rut of complacency can rob.

7. Prove to them that this is my ONLY source of strength and life. We learn what avenue in life brings us life and where to feed for a strong, well-fed soul.