Janet Dorey - Milltown I Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hymn 244, “My Heart is Resting”


Matthew 13:44, a parable is picture to the eye, story to the ear, and a picture to the heart.  Jesus told this story…the field where there is the will of God.  The treasure – is Jesus.  Nothing outside of Jesus will give us a heavenly reward. 

The man - is you.  Men, women, boys and girls… who can find a field - find a treasure and make it their own.  Rest in your heart and mind.  We must find the field before finding the treasure.  It’s sometimes not easy to find that field. 

Fruit of the spirit – is the treasure.  Fruit of love is torn.  Fruit of the spirit is ripened and we make the treasure our treasure in our heart.  “The man hid the treasure in the field, sold all he had (his own way) and then he bought the field.”  He bought the treasure with obedience, willingness, etc.  We have to get to heaven with willingness over and over again.  He bough the field then, there was the treasure. 

It’s good to buy the field and then find the treasure.  The treasure is to throw yourself into the kingdom of heaven.  See Job…he faced many tests.  Prosperity, poverty, grieving, sickness (ill health), conflict (with the fighting God), misunderstanding, then his own imagination (when he thought God turned away).  He learned his experiences were without a cause, but not without a purpose. The unseen lies behind the seen. 

If you keep yourself in the faith of God, you’ll keep yourself in the will of God.  God wasn’t punishing him - God was teaching.  Job bought a treasure - unity.  The devil likes to attack the unity of everything man has.  Job paid with tears, money, everything and he’s a good example of finding the treasure. 

Joseph’s treasure was bread…when he ought it.  He said, “I humbly forgive” when he was in the pit (while his brothers were eating bread) and when he was sold and when he was accused.  He was bread to the Egyptians, to his brethren and to God. 

Joseph paid a price.  He sold all he had and the treasure was bread.  Sell all you have and buy the field.