Janet Dorey - The Spirit of a Child

Hymn  270

Isaiah 2:6, Acts 4:27, "By the name of Thy Holy child Jesus, your future lies before you like a field of freshly fallen snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show!"

Sometimes snow looks all grey, slushy, and horrible, but then there is a fresh fall of snow. It is so white, so pure; and in that snow, you can see even the tracks of a mouse or a sparrow. We are facing a future like a field of freshly fallen snow, and in that snow are the tracks of the Holy child Jesus. I could not give you anything better to face the future with than the Spirit of a little child.

At Mellowdale convention last year, a young brother worker came onto the platform and admitted that he had nothing to say...he had laboured all day in agony and tears, and nothing would come. But he said, "It came to me that if I could bring the spirit of a child, what a wonderful contribution to this meeting." He spoke of holding back from offering for this work because he had a fear of taking part. And he said maybe we feel like this we have a fear of taking part...but just remember we can bring the spirit of a child. In that meeting, was a man that had been attending meetings with his wife for a number of years, but he had never professed because he had a fear of taking part, but Scott’s message this night gave him the courage to make a start when that meeting was tested! We have an unspotted clean future...so may we go forth with the spirit of a little child.

There are lots of advantages for young workers when they go forth with the spirit of a little child. There is great respect for elders when they have the spirit of a little child. There is great happiness in any marriage when there is the spirit of a little child. The key to usefulness and growth is the spirit of a little child. The devil has never been in the place of a little child. He's too proud. It's the safe place. The devil can't reach us there! There is nothing I could encourage you with more than to face your future with the spirit of a little child.

Naaman, there was the little maid. Her name is not even mentioned, but she made one statement in the presence of her mistress, and that one statement of a little child went to the King, and it made the King write. She had credibility, the credibility of a little child. We need to take this with us into the world.

Over in Canada, there was a funeral of one of our dear older Friends and a mother took her three little girls to the funeral. Afterwards, they went to Safeway shopping and they were all dressed up. So the clerk there said, “Where have you been?" They answered, "We have been to Mrs. Dune’s funeral. She's not dead. Her body's in the grave, but she's gone to Heaven." Their mother didn't tell them this. They derived this from the service! As we move amongst Egypt, we need the credibility of a little child - implicit faith and trust.

Abigail, she was the victim of an unfortunate marriage. David was coming to Nabal, and Nabal railed on him - flew at him. Have you ever met anyone like that...ready to fly at you! So David and his men weren't going to leave anybody alive in Nabal's household. Most of all what we learn, we learn from our relationships with each other. Abigail had something in her spirit that defused and disarmed David - the spirit of a little child. She said, "You could shed innocent blood....Let me take the blame....I'm sorry for this.." And it turned David's heart. She disarmed him with the spirit of a little child! We would like to use the sword, but Abigail never used the sword - "Blest be your advice. I will not do this." We need the spirit of a child in our relationships.

I Samuel 3, there was wrong in the Kingdom, no open vision. You could've looked at the Kingdom at that time and been so distressed, but God took a little child and set him among all the wrong in that place! Samuel was child enough that God could speak. Samuel dared to show the vision to Eli. Eli was wrong, but Samuel was not self-righteous. His parents taught Samuel how to have the right attitude - the little child spirit – purge it. Our usefulness depends on being the little child in our attitudes to one another and to self. The attitude of a little child because we don't know what awaits us in the future.

In Canada, there was a young girl of 15 dying of cancer. We walked with her through that experience, and I never forget that experience. Her mother asked her, "Are you afraid to die?" "No I am not afraid to die." The future looked bleak. We shared her funeral plans. She chose her dress. She chose where her classmates would sit; where the workers would sit. She chose her flowers; who did the singing. Death came as a friend. She kept her faith in the God of Heaven who held her future. She had the confidence of a little child. She trusted Him for the future.

We need the attitude of a little child to walk with Him in faith in the world, in our relationships. May we remember the great privilege to keep the spirit of a little child, and to follow the tracks of the Holy child Jesus.