Japan Workers List 2010 & Osaka Convention 2010 List

Hello all .... Andrew Juby is from Western Australia (& we've enjoyed him each visit we've had to Perth). Very special for him to return to Japan, where he lived for a time, before going in the work, in W.A. Wouldn't it be nice to hear our Dan on Fri .eve. ! ...... (speaking in Japanese, which of course would have to be translated for us :) .............E.


Just a few lines today. Convention here started last night. The last convention here in Japan; we have had good days. Had the workers meeting on Wed am and a photo. Now looking forward to these days together and the help that we need so much.

The workers here depleted to what there was when I was here last, so fields are growing. 2 locals, and Jim Easton and Jim Ludlam, are 80 and plus.

It has been special meeting up with old friends who I spent time with here 23 years ago. Convention here is where I lived, so it has brought back many memories.

Just this for today with greetings to all,



Osaka Convention, JAPAN – May 6-9 2010

Weds 7pm Verdun Korvemaker, Yasuko Kinoshita, Michiko Utsuki

Thurs AM Lloyd Haugen(MaU), Coleen Farrell(MU), Shizuko Hoshino, Naomi Uechi

Thurs Aft David Rundle(JE), Tsutomu Miyata, Tsugiyo Takaesu, Makoto Utsuki

Thurs Eve Dan Sigurdson, Sumako Miyazato, Joyce Peterson

Fri AM Andrew Juby(TM), Jim Ludlam, Kumiko Miyata, Setsuko Yabiku

Fri Aft Juan Gunn(MF), Jim Easton, Agnes Smiley(MY), Yasuko Yabu

Fri Eve Susumu Hokama, Mariko Fujii, Michiko Utsuki

Sat AM David Rundle(JE), Coleen Farrell(YY), Edith Roper, Nobuko Yoshie

Sat Aft Andrew Juby(MU), Yoshihisa Sorimachi, Mariko Yoshimoto, Yuzo Nagumo

Sat Eve Yutaka Mio, Ryan Oliver, Tara Ives

Sun AM Juan Gunn(MF), Agnes Smiley(KM), Barbara Huggins

Sun Aft Lloyd Haugen(VK), Tatsuo Asaka, Dalton McGuinness


Japan Workers List – May 2010

Tsutomu Miyata

Jim Ludlam


Jim Easton

Dalton McGuinness


Tatsuo Asaka

Yuzo Nagumo


Yoshihisa Sorimachi

Dan Sigurdson


Yutaka Mio

Makoto Utsuki


Mariko Yoshimoto

Naomi Uechi


Kumiko Miyata

Nobuko Yoshie


Shizuko Hoshino

Okja Jung


Yasuko Yabu

Setsuko Yabiku


Tsugiyo Takaesu

Suzie Perry


Sumako Miyazato

Tara Ives


Edith Roper

Michiko Utsuki


Yasuko Kinoshita

Mariko Fujii


Overseas Visit / Home Visit

Paul Schofield

Verdun Korvemaker

Susumu Hokama

Ryan Oliver

Stewart Roe

Barbara Huggins

Joyce Peterson

Lucille Stanley

Rose Davidson

Debbie Jacobsen

Gwen Christian

Maxine Hanks

Yvonne Fulton

Helen Daames