Jean Hogg - Jesus's Tender Heart - Colac Convention, Australia - 2000

Hymn 291, "The Heart of My Saviour Is Tender." Have we ever thought, in the experiences that come our way, that Jesus wouldn't understand?   We could feel our experience is unique and no one would understand.   I hope we don't feel that way, because there's no one that has such an understanding heart as Jesus. 


Luke 2:42, when He was twelve years old, His parents went to Jerusalem and on the way back, He wasn't with them.  Verse 46, after three days they found Him, in the temple, asking and answering questions.   Verses 48-49, He was beginning to think about the reason He'd been sent to the earth.  It was about the same age that I began to feel I'm not here by chance; God wants me to love and serve Him and do His will.  Verse 51,  after that, He went down, and was subject to His parents.


I wonder if there'd be young people in this meeting, living in homes where parents are seeking to teach you the fear of the Lord, and you feel it's not easy to be subject to your parents.  Think of Jesus - one day coming to be Lord of lords and King of kings, but there He was, in that little home in Nazareth, subject to Joseph and Mary.  Did He lose anything by it?   Verse 52 says, “He increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man.”  None of us will lose anything by being subject to godly parents. To increase in wisdom - that's what godly parents are endeavouring to help their children to do.


Mark 6, Jesus fed the multitudes, then He asked the disciples to go in a boat to the other side.  He went alone to pray in the mountain.  He saw them toiling in rowing.  They were doing what Jesus asked them to do, and yet, the going was difficult.  As we travel on the sea of life, we can't tell when the sea will be calm and when it will be rough.  Verse  48, they were toiling in rowing, but Jesus had them in His heart.  He looked and saw the condition of things, and He came, walking on the sea, to them.  There's no difficult experience you'll go through but the Lord will know.  Jesus will care. They were afraid at first, because they didn't know it was Him.

Verse 50, “Be of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid.” When He came into the ship, the wind was still.


Then, in the 7th of John, (verses 3-5), Jesus knew what it was to grow up in a home where there were some who didn't believe He was the Son of God.  I know there are some here in homes like that, but remember, Jesus knows and He cares.  His brethren were telling Him that day what they thought He ought to do.  He answered them quietly and wisely.  He didn't let it discourage Him.  Remember, Jesus has a tender heart, and He sees all.


John 19, Jesus hanging on the cross - suffering in agony.  He looked and saw His mother and His heart must have ached for her.  She was seeing her son, dying in such agony.  The heart of Jesus was touched.  He said, “Woman, behold thy Son.” He just showed that tender heart.  He knew He must go through with the Father's will - be willing for the sacrifice that was going to bring redemption to Mary and the disciples and all who believed.


He was seeking to establish a relat­ionship between Mary and John that would be a comfort to them both.  There's loss and loneliness and pain, but remember this, the heart of the Saviour is tender. He knows just how we feel and He'll give us the comfort that no other can give.