Jean Marshal - Picton Convention - Saturday Afternoon, June 24, 1950

There is a fear in my heart lest I would say anything that would hinder the work of God in the lives of any of the children of God because they are a very precious people to Him.


Luke 5:16, we read in the Bible that “when I was musing, the fire burned” but sometimes, when we are musing, the fire goes out.  We should try to get the best of what the Lord is seeking to tell us by meditation between meetings.  5:17


The power of the Lord works in those who are as little children before Him.  If we are as little children, the Lord can teach us.  We know that we need the healing of God, but we know that it is not easy to lay down and be let down before others outside.


The Lamb nature is the one who was willing to sacrifice.  This sacrifice becomes more real to us as we are willing to follow Him.


“Jesus, though I may not understand, in childlike faith I put forth my hand, etc.”  (Hymn 122).  Although we know not what lies before us, we can go on by allowing Him to lead and guide.  The grace of God can help a person to overcome no matter what circumstances they may have to face.


My brother who was not professing said to me one time when I tried to talk to him, “I have neglected to read and pray and when I go out with the other men.  I cannot withstand the influence.”  Many simple little things would cause the fire of God to go out in our lives and a person can get so far away from the influence of God that they lose their desire of those things.