Jeff Gille - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Convention - 2018

I am going to read some familiar verses to you folk from a familiar chapter. We often start our message reading from a familiar part of Scripture. If this is familiar to you, you should be very glad because there are a lot of people in this world and it is not familiar to them. One time we were having a study about this sower and the seed with a lady, and she was showing great interest. After we had spoken for some time, it seemed very simple and plain to me, and I felt everyone could understand. She asked us a very simple question about the sower, and then I realised these things are not revealed to everyone. Some of the most simple and familiar parts of Scripture to you are not familiar to other people.

I remember going back home, and I had been away from home quite a while, and my sister was anxious to show me all the new things around town. I did not care about the new things. I wanted to see the old familiar things that had a lot of memories for me. I remember going to a gospel meeting, and it had been a long time since I had been in a meeting like that. The people were sitting just like you are sitting and they were very still, and everyone was looking ahead. At that moment, I had a memory of way back that was very familiar to me, and I had a feeling when I walked into the room that this is very familiar to me. I felt there is something that time has not changed and I thought of my life and so much had changed in it. A lot had changed, and a lot was upside down. Here I walk into this room, and there is something very familiar to me from the past. It was unchanged, and it was just like the past, and I believed that moment that I would become a part of this and it wasn't too long before that happened.

There is security in that which is familiar especially in this world of change. It is a great thing to be able to believe in something, and as you grow older, it becomes more and more familiar, and it is not changing all the time like so many things in life and so many teachings.

Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." People feel very heavy and laden down with life itself, and it doesn't matter how much help in life people have they seem heavy laden, and Jesus said, "I will give you rest."

Verse 29, “Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” For many years when I read about taking my yoke upon you and who would ever want to take a yoke upon themselves. It would seem a greater burden and a greater weight and who would want that upon them until I realised that everyone in life has a yoke. There is not one person that escapes whatever their yoke is.

There was a young dad who was very talented, and his talent became his yoke and a very heavy yoke for him. He was so talented that he was able to compete in the Olympics as a swimmer. He would train for weeks and months and hours of the day and train to be a little faster so when the day of the race came, and this is the moment he has been training for, and the pressure is on. He is swimming, and he is doing very, very good, and he was right up there with all the others. He touches the finish line, and it seems like he is the winner and there was another swimmer next to him, and it was only the camera that could see that he was beaten by a fraction of a second. All those hours, days, and months training and he missed the metal that is so desired by a tiny fraction of a second. He continued to train for next time, and it was a yoke to him. I do not know if he ever won, but it was a yoke to him.

There was a young lady, and she did not know how to cope with life, and she started to take drugs, and that was her way of dealing, and it seemed like it works so well at first. She realised this was a yoke and of course, she never used the word yoke and it was a great burden to her and it became more and more costly to her to the place where she lost her sight, and she lost her hearing. So this thing now is a great yoke to her. This story has a happy ending because she eventually found the gospel and she found the true yoke of life that would help her for the rest of her life. We are thankful for those who manage to find the true yoke in life that releases you from burdens you cannot carry.

I was in an area that was well known for gambling. People would come halfway across to this place, to gamble. They would gamble and become addicted and gamble all their possessions away. Eventually, they would gamble their home away where they lived. Then they would lose their wife and family. They lost everything, and they would continue any way they could because this yoke was upon them and they did not know how to release themselves from it. We are very thankful for those who find this yoke of Jesus, and it is life, and it is a yoke that helps you.

This yoke can do something very different than any other yoke. The yoke of life is a burden to you, but this yoke is unique. Have you ever seen a dog build a dog house and no, you have not? You build the dog house and when it is raining the dog goes in and enjoys it. Does your dog have a favourite mat that he likes to lie on? Have you seen him drag that mat into the dog house and lay on there? No, you have not. That knowledge belongs to a higher kingdom. The dog would realise the master can do a lot of things for him that is beyond his comprehension, but he loves what his master does. When his master builds him a dog house, he does not know how that is accomplished, but he can go in and enjoy it.

Have you ever seen oxen go out into a field and plough the field by themselves and no, you never have and you never will? It takes a man, and it takes a yoke, and then the oxen perform something that takes a knowledge for the higher power and is involved in something that is from a higher kingdom, and they are enjoying the work from the higher kingdom, which is the kingdom of man. This yoke of Jesus and it performs to work from a higher kingdom, and that is the kingdom of God. It is unique as every other yoke we have had in life has only enabled us to perform things of this world, and they have often led to bondage or that direction. We take this yoke of Jesus upon us and through this yoke and through our Master, we are able to perform this work. The work is done from a higher kingdom than there is no other way it could ever be accomplished. It gives us a wonderful hope because of this work and the work that is going to go on beyond this world.

We are in a generation where people are learning, and it is a generation full of knowledge. There has never been a generation in this world that has gathered so much knowledge, and no man can contain it all. If you are a doctor you have to specialise, and there is so much medical knowledge out there, and you would never learn it all, and you have a little corner, and that is your speciality. It is always changing with their learning. Is it a better life or a higher quality life and as far as the rest and peace of the soul is it a better life? That knowledge we learn Jesus is something that gives us peace.

In the third chapter of James, it speaks about wisdom. It speaks about the wisdom being peaceable and full of mercy and things you would enjoy having in your life, and this wisdom of God leads to that. When we are learning of Him, we are learning of wisdom, and it is a higher knowledge than the power of this world. It can accomplish something of a higher level. There are a lot of different ways you can learn in life, and you can learn by going to school. You can learn through experiences, and they speak about the school of hard knocks, and some of us know about that, and you learn the hard way — some of those lessons you never forget as they were very costly.

Then, there is a school of the spirit. That is a school where the spirit of God is able to guide us and to direct and help us, and the Spirit teaches us. Jesus spoke about the Spirit of truth after Jesus would leave this earth. Jesus is guiding and directing His disciples and leading them into all truth and establishing this way in their lives and the day would come when the Spirit would do the same work, and the Spirit would teach them. They also will feel the spirit and something like the wind, something you cannot see, but feel the effects of it. It is teaching and bringing to remembrance the very things that Jesus taught. The Spirit teaches you and helps you to have wisdom that you would have no other way. We are very thankful for the things we can learn of Him through the Spirit.

He said, "I am meek and lowly." No one is afraid of anyone who is meek and lowly. No one is afraid of anyone who is humble. Humility is an interesting thing because and it is something that we love and love to see in others and we may feel we have enough of it already. Humility is a very costly thing, and it is something we like to see in one another, and it is something we see in Jesus, and He was meek, and He was lowly. One way you could describe meekness is your strength under control. The power of your life under God's control. Like a meek horse and the strength of the horse is yielding to the Master. The more meekness in a horse, the more useful it is to the Master.

One time, we were out riding horses. I am not a great horseman, but I have been on a few. The lady we were with had several horses, and she gave my companion a real meek horse, I suppose you could call it. She said to me, "Do you like a horse with a lot of spirit? I never said I did, but it was the only other horse to ride. When I rode that horse, it was full of spirit, and it was not very meek, and it gave me the ride on my life. I never forgot that ride. We appreciate this quality of meekness, and we appreciate it when we see it in others' lives, and they would appreciate it when they see it in ours. We love the fact that our Master had the quality of brokenness. He was the Son of God, and the strength of His life was committed to His Father, and there was a lowliness to Him.

Then He went on to say, "You will find rest for your soul." Rest is a little odd as you would think everyone would like rest. Have you ever seen a child fight rest and they are not in a very good mood and their parents know what they need is a nap and that is the last thing they want to do? They finally make them take a nap, and they are misbehaving, and when they have had their rest, they are a new little person. It is in us humanly to fight rest and often it is the very thing we need. They say if you burn the candle at both ends in your life, your body will age a lot quicker and therefore it needs rest. Therefore if the body needs rest, we know the soul needs rest. True rest is only found with the yoke. The yoke that helps us with the burdens of life. The yoke has wisdom that is not found in this world. The yoke creates in us a work that cannot be accomplished in this world and only by a higher power. We are thankful for the One who is willing to be yoked to our lives and willing to teach us all things that we need and that will always matter. Amen.