Jeff Gillie - Milltown II Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hymn 204, “My Need”




Hymn 45, “Satisfied”


Genesis 12, “And, there was a famine in the land.”  Abraham went down and later Isaac went down, and so on - and Jacob went down, then Joseph. 

Ruth – the day the judges rule - there will be a famine in the land.  This world is a famine.  There is bread for the seed in the 19th century (and now in the 20th century).  When your life has been delivered from a world of famine, it’s just like the house of God - as He delivers the truth to us (delivers us from evil - an evil world of famine).  In Ruth, Naomi passed on the word about the famine coming.  There was nothing to feed our soul until God sent His seed. 

Micah 5:2, here is your one life…among millions and millions in this world.  There has been something born into your life, the Son of God.  The day came when the bread came (was born) into the house of life.  There was bread there for the soul. 

Revelations 7:17, God shall wipe away all their tears.  You can have a famine due to no rain.  There’s neither bread nor water for our soul out there, but there is one that can deliver all of this.  Dwell on what is in this House of God so we can be more thankful.