Jim Atcheson - Fourth Speaker at Gordon Winkler's Memorial Service - Saskatoon - Friday, September 9, 2011

I had time with Gordon when he wasn’t well. He knew it was good for him to do things to make him physically weary to help him sleep better. It all took time and he could have felt despondent, but he didn’t. He kept going day after day.

Acts 26:22, "Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come."

Like Gordon, Paul was able to speak with confidence because he had faith in God.

{something about} a person wrestling with poor health…

{then} Weary body gives way to other things…

It is not that this experience never touched his life again.

(Then Jim read a poem that Gordon shared with Jim at some point):

The Hardest Times of All

There are days of deepest sorrow
In the seasons of our life;
There are deep distressing moments,
There are hours of mental strife;
There are hours of stony anguish
When the tears refuse to fall
But the waiting time, my brothers,
Is the hardest time of all.

We can bear the heat of conflict
Through the sudden crushing blow,
Beating back our gathered forces
For a moment lay us low.

We may rise again beneath it
None the weaker for our fall,
But the waiting time, my brother,
Is the hardest time of all.

Youth and love are oft impatient,
Seeking things beyond their reach
And the heart grows sick with hoping
Ere it learn what life can teach,

For before the fruit is gathered
We must see the blossoms fall,
And the waiting time, my brothers,
Is the hardest time of all.

But at last we learn the lesson
That God knoweth what is best
And a silent resignation
Makes the spirit calm and blest.
And we bow our heads in silence,
At the changes in our fate
And our hearts will thank Him meekly

That He taught us how to wait.


Just waiting for what would come of experience. He could later share his feelings of that time. It is so easy to get weary in the middle miles. Today doesn’t require so much more than yesterday did. Just more of the same. It is a struggle to get into the presence of God, but He gives us strength to go on.

We don’t know what today will bring. Just wait. Sometimes think of waiting being a passive thing, but it takes {I’m not sure what word he used, discipline, perhaps?? Effort??} .

We have a hymn that says “patiently continue…” Gordon is now enjoying the blessing of patiently continuing.

Congregation sang No East or West