Jim Jardine - Things That Count

There are things that count in our living
Not the things that we sell or buy
Not found in the veins of treasure
Not hidden afar in the sky;
Like the pearls that we put to the testing
Like the diamonds that hold in the fire
There are things that live thru a lighting blast
Faith, hope, and a true desire.
'Tis not in the wake of pleasure
Nor high on the height of fame
That the lasting things are brought us
And we find our eternal name;
More oft thru the shades of sorrow
When anguish has claimed us her own,
We learn to cling with a trembling hope
To God, who can help us alone.
More strong are the ties of trueness
When forged in the fire of pain
And the dying life, like the falling seed
Shall perish to live again;
So we bury our hearts in weakness
With the strength of our life near fled
But the God of hope shall revive us
And life shall spring from the dead.
Men rise on the tide of talent
And wealth can procure a praise
But seas fall back and the pride of life
Shall sink at the close of days
There are things that count in our dying
That endure and defy the grave.
And the highest good is a life of love,
Poured out a sad world to save.