Jimmy - Morning Meeting, Special Meetings Brockville, Ontario, Canada - November 29, 1936

Romans 12, if we didn’t have any other chapter but this one in the Bible, we would almost know what way to go and be able to follow by it.  Conformed to Jesus means made more like Him.  When our race here is done, we go and get what is laid up for us. 

This world has no need of preachers in the World.  There are preachers all over standing preaching in the Church.  They talk of Paul and his great Saviour, but are not able to experience it themselves.  Paul felt here that he was talking to a brotherhood in a Family. 

First experience we have, we realize that we are only human.  We step into a new experience and are born again.  Not many understand this born again nature…cross our human Nature.  This cross is not made of wood or gold, but is the spiritual cross.  We have to crucify the natural desires each day. 

When I made up my mind to preach the gospel, I sold all that I had and scattered it abroad.  The word of God has stood and will stand.  We have to strive every inch of the way.  Present our bodies a living Sacrifice.  We all have a selfish nature, but should try and get more of the Divine Nature.  It is a serious battle.  Does the Living Sacrifice that Paul spoke of mean anything to us?


Reverend is only mentioned once in the Bible, Psalm 111:9. 

Romans 8, conformed to His image.  Transformed means changed from what we used to be.  The Devil will try to make us think that we are the important ones, and if he can’t puff us up he will make us think that we are no good and can’t be of any help in His Family.