Joan Ware - Nuriootpa Special Meeting - Morning Meeting, May 10, 2004

My thoughts have been on "Addiction" and it might seem a strange thing to speak about, but we read of those who had "Addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints;" in the world, people are addicted to many bad things. Addiction is more than a desire, it is an urge, a compulsion, a passion, and it can take over a whole life. It starts in a small way but gradually grows. Often it starts in secret, but as it grows, it becomes more and more evident, and when it gets a hold on a person's life, they can't do without it.

There is a right kind of addiction and those people
in the scripture had addicted themselves to the ministry; helping others; thinking of others. Right from young, at the age of twelve, Jesus said, "I must be about my Father's business," and it filled His whole life. The right addiction also starts in secret and it's between God and us and at first nobody else knows, but later as it takes over in our lives it will become evident to all.

I once knew
a man whose father had died when he was very young and the family had a struggle, but his mother insisted that he should make a mark on this world, so he chose a profession and worked hard at it to get a name for himself. The one who made the biggest mark on the world was Jesus; none has affected the world so much; even today, as the life of Jesus, yet He didn't set out to be big, but rather the opposite. He left His mark on this world because serving God was His life. It was His life's work and He could say, "I am the light of the world," yet there was no one more humble. We are not out to make a mark on our district or anything like that but when we are addicted in our service to God, it will become evident by our lives. It is the compulsion of that addiction that draws us to Him, and continues to draw us.

Satan said to me last night, "You'll never make it; you won't
get through tomorrow," but I had a good night's sleep and I'm here today, so I said to Satan, "You are a liar." When people are addicted to something, they just can't leave it off because it has grown too much in their lives; it has become part of their lives, and it speaks in that verse that those people had addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints. That is something that I've been very conscious of during the last few weeks. I have enjoyed ministering to the saints; not that I want to boost myself up, but I thought of one lady in particular who the nurses said couldn't respond to them. That was true enough, but when we spoke to her of the things of God - that which she always loved - there would be a squeeze of the hand or a smile. I thought of the different saints in the nursing homes that even though they may appear not to be able to respond, don't leave them unvisited. Talk to them of Jesus and they will respond, so I would like to be a help to them while I can.