John Clyde - Morning Meeting, Special Meetings, Brockville, Ontario, Canada - November 29, 1936

Hymns 190, 326, 298, 162


Conscious of God speaking to his heart.  When we come to Meeting, we come before the Lord.  He spoke of Holiness and Purity of God.  We come far short.

 Psalm 116, conscious that the Lord will hear our needy prayers.  David loved the Lord because He heard his prayers.  Cries from needy hearts often give us strength and Grace. Desire in his heart to never part from the Lord. 

God has great mercy.  It is the mercy of God that keeps us in the Way.  We need to be brought low so we will fall at His feet.  No matter how long we live, we cannot pay back the debt we owe to God.  Psalmist said he would pay back his vows in the presence of all the people.