John McCracken - Milltown II - Second Meeting, 2001

4)         Godly morals (moral living) sexuality in business and toward another. Holiness is the highest standard of excellence of moral and spiritual living. The churches in Revelations were about 30 years old. Fornication, adultery, and idol worship had crept in amongst them. Revelations 2:20-23 has to do with improper sexual conduct before and after marriage. We are judged according to Jesus' standard even if "everybody" is doing it. What is right is seldom popular. There is lots of pressure in the world to do differently. God's standard is to be virgins before marriage and to stay true after marrying. The world will say differently, yet God judges us. Should we fall, there is hope. We need to repent. There is hope if we use the key of repentance. Workers can't forgive a mosquito. Forgiveness belongs to God. 
Divorce is a moral issue.  God's standard is one man, one woman for life. There is no way out! 
Mark 10:11-12, adultery is that clear. This is doctrine, true doctrine. Step of repentance is separation in the case of adultery. It's not an easy choice. We are not talking about what if the man and woman love one another or if there are children involved. We are talking about what Jesus said, how to make it right. Ezra 10 is a pain filled chapter. The problem here started in the ministry. From verse 18 on, there were steps taken in a costly way to put things right. These men put away wives and children to be right before God again. They had made a wrong choice, years before. We have to go back to the original wrong choice and start there to make it right. 
We can live with the wrong choice and more and more fruit will come from it. And, it will still be a wrong choice. Peace and joy come by putting it right before God.  Revelations 2:22-23 is fornication and adultery serious? We will all be judged by the same standard of Jesus. It is the same no matter where we would go to get a different answer. We will be judged by Jesus' words on the matter.  Repentance is a gift from God! It is God's choice for us, not ours. Esau sought the place with tears and never found the place of repentance.
Young people keep yourself pure.  Married folks keep yourselves true. 
Homosexuality, is it right? Is there a third gender? Before God, it is evil. Sodom is about homosexuality, don't be confused. God destroyed it, Romans 1:26. Abortion is it right or wrong? Psalms 139:14-16, "my members were all written in Your book..."  This means, before God, you could tell if it's a boy or a girl. He knows our thoughts before we know them!  
We are not living in a little world, rather a big world and it is a hard one! 
5)         The middle miles, most of the race is here. Most of our lives we will spend in these miles. Hold on to what you have. Discouragement in one of the things the middle miles have to deal with. It is the place of no publicity, often no news, little or no support from others, often we have to go it alone But, it is not possible to get an ending, if we don't get through the middle miles. Revelations 3:3, don't look back. If we give up in the middle miles, we go back to what we were before we professed, what we were of worse. Remember why we professed in the beginning.   
6)         Going deeper, this church was encouraged to go. They were doing well, but needed to hold fast and protect what they had. The best place to protect our crown is close to Jesus. They were resented as an open door. Should we ever feel there is no more to do, it is because we have not seen the open door(s). Sunday fellowship meetings should never become a form. All meetings are to help us go on
A time came in my experience when I wrote down my own testimony from every meeting in a notebook and one thing from the meeting, which I could do. I decided to drink water from my cup. When I started to look for something to do from what I heard, I started to love people in my meeting. Find a way around the dislike for people in your fellowship. Get more involved with the Christ in people. 
7)         A firm stand needs to be made. This means a definite stand, no sitting on the fence. The church here in Revelation was neither hot nor cold. Say "NO" and mean it. And learn to say "YES" and mean it. God will test our "YES" and the world will test our "NO" which the world doesn't understand.  Hate iniquity and love righteousness. If the "saliva" is running down our chin while saying "NO," there is still a problem! It is very confusing to others if we say we are serving God and in our home there is still an altar to another God. This is a double standard.  
Is there a problem with your "NO?"