John McNeill - Notes

None of our group is acquainted enough with John McNeill to positively identify him in the photo.  However, the man on the left is identified by several as being George Boyle, so if one of the men is John McNeill, then he is the one on the right.  Both George Boyle and John McNeill are buried in the cemetery near the convention grounds at York, Nebraska.  


One of our group did provide a picture of John McNeill taken in Iowa in 1925 (which I will attach), and it well could be the man on the right after a number of years had passed. 

Also, this brought up the subject of two John McNeills again, and someone came up with the information that the one from Oregon spelled his name McNeil instead of McNeill.  One of our group members met John McNeil, Jr. in Oregon at some point, son of John McNeil Sr. who was in the work.