John Stone - Almonte Convention, Ontario, Canada - Sunday Afternoon, July 1953

Psalm 19:12-14, there are many things in ourselves we may not know of, but God reveals them to us later so we can put them away. 

Psalm 20:1, the most important thing is to have the Lord hear us.  “Our defense is departed from us” is a sad condition. 

We can hear God speak, often from very weak sources and we need to take heed.  The only light God has these days is His people.  We have need to confirm the works we have heard of these days. 

"Abide in Me and I in you." God revealed Himself to Samuel “by the word of the Lord," and out of
Zion or others in the church. 

Verse 4, grant that I may be fitted to face whatever He sees is best.  Live out what we have been hearing.  “We will set up our banners.”  Nobody so poorly, or so misrepresented as God.  God’s anointing and approval are the same.  If we have one we shall have the other.

Verses 7 and 8, fill the place worthily God has placed us in.  We are risen up, and stand upright.