John Winter - Feeding on the Lamb - Glencoe - 1996

In Exodus 12, we read the account of the first passover. God had spoken to the children of Israel many times before this but this was a message of hope, that their bondage would be over and they would know of the freedom of serving God. God’s message to us here is one of hope, that we would go out into the future with the hope of doing better than we have done before, of having the power of God on our side as we continue to submit to Him and to obey Him.

The children of Israel were told to take a lamb, to keep it in the home for four days and then to slay that lamb, and put its blood on the lintel and the doorposts of the house where they were going to eat it. During those four days, they would see the nature of that lamb and there would be impressions made on their hearts. Then they were to slay the lamb, and this would enable the children of Israel to be blood-covered, and God could accept them because of their obedience, and that would not come upon them, that sorrow and loss that was to come upon Egypt.

God said that they were not to partake of it raw or sodden with water. He didn’t want them to partake of it just as they wanted. They were to eat it, the head with the legs, and with herbs, and because of their obedience it brought new life. As they partook of that lamb, they would be strengthened to journey as God wanted them to journey, and they would appreciate the deliverance God brought to them, that they would be no more in bondage.

Surely there have been things in our lives that have brought us into bondage, but the message has come to us as we feed upon this Lamb, that we can be strengthened to continue on because that bondage has been broken. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, left the glories of Heaven, came to this earth, set us an example of how to please God. He shed His blood and as we are willing to humble ourselves and repent, we can be cleansed, our sins forgiven, and we can be sheltering under the blood as were the children of Israel.

As we continue to follow Jesus, God in His mercy forgives us and accepts us, because of the shed blood of Jesus. Christ intercedes for us. Think of the love that we should have for Christ because of Him being willing to die that we might live. I would like to have a greater love for Christ because, “While we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Love begets love. As God’s love is extended to us, there should be a love begotten in us for Christ. Our service to God should be one because of love.

The blood was on the side posts of the door. Someone once said that it was to show that there was nothing between that family and the family next door. Both had forgiveness through the blood. There was a oneness and a unity. Jesus said that unless we are willing to forgive one another, God will not forgive us. Paul to the Ephesians spoke of forgiving, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven us. As Christ dwells in our hearts, surely, for His sake, we can forgive one another.

Jesus said, “I do always those things that please the Father.” As that Lamb is within us and we retain Him there, it gives us the desire to do always the things that please the Father, and be a right example in this world.

In Isaiah we read that God provides quiet resting places. That is like Convention, Special Meetings, and our fellowship meetings. Having this Lamb within our hearts will help us to make the most of the quiet resting places God gives us as we journey on, that we might finish our course with joy.