Judy - Comox Gospel Meeting - 2008

New life within. Jesus will never ever force Himself in. We begin to open our heart and let Jesus in.

Jesus was the most balanced person that anyone could ever be.

Matthew 9:35, Jesus taught in all cities and villages. but.....

verse 36, Jesus did all the healing and preaching and there was still something missing. The people needed a Shepherd.
verse 37, Jesus prayed to send forth laborers, not a Shepherd (Jesus is the Shepherd).
In Matthew 14, when John had just been beheaded, Jesus went out and wanted some space. However, when the multitude saw Jesus, they followed Him. Jesus' heart was moved with compassion and reached out to the people. Jesus gave and gave. Instead of saying, 'I want space' (even though He would have liked to), Jesus was moved with compassion and healed the multitude.

Jesus is the rock and the one we can firmly put our feet on. He put aside His own grief and His own weariness and He continued to be the rock.
He was 'rock solid.'

Jesus was interested in saving everyone.
He prayed on the cross to God 'Father, forgive them.' He had compassion. The other thief on the cross heard Jesus' compassion and listed to Him. When Jesus said to the thief that He would be with him in Paradise, Jesus knew the thief had a listening ear.