Judy McIntyre - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Friday, August 20, 2004

Hymn 370, “Till Breaking of the Day” 


I Corinthians 12:18 and 27, God has placed Him in each body.  Each member for its own place for a function. 

God does the calling and we do the following.  He does the choosing and we do the filling. 

Keep our place and know how to fill it.  But, accept our place first.  If we learn how to love and to accept God’s place He set for us, we’ll know how to give it. We will learn to love it more and keep it.  “Calmly fill our place (a song).” 

Prayer is our connecting link.  Getting into the presence of God. 

Genesis 12 (Abraham), “Get thee out of thy country unto a land I will show thee.”  Abraham knew that was not God’s desire to stay. 

22nd chapter, take thy only son on a mountain and sacrifice him.  Abraham chose to be there.  Abraham prayed to God and knew…and had that relationship with God.

Philippians 2:3, don’t degrade our self to lift up someone else.  But, behold the “marks of Christ” in others and don’t appreciate it and want it for our self.  Don’t take a selfish ambition.  This is vain and not right. 

Accept the place that God wants you to fill.  God will be able to bless you even more after you know your place.  If God wants us at a place, He will put us there. 

Desiring someone else’s place is sometimes finding fault in the other place.  Forget thyself!