June Lee - Milltown II Convention - Evening Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Luke 15:31, in this parable, there are 2 kings and 2 kingdoms.  One kingdom is of our hearts…and we make the decisions there.  The other kingdom is the Kingdom of God, which is greater.  Why we still have time, ask that King - can we please meet (not as enemies)? 

According to Jesus’ works, we will count the cost.  To give up our all - that is a great cost and it’s worth it. 

We cannot afford to meet the King as an enemy and worry in fear about that day of destruction.  With this new King - He is a ruler of peace in our heart.  We alone cannot bring peace into our own kingdom.  We don’t know what’s best for our kingdom, but God knows.  He will bring us a prosperous kingdom.  Leave all decisions to God. 

Colossians 3:15, the love of God and for God rules in my kingdom in my heart…a love of God for me.  Let nothing arise up in your heart that tries to take “first place” or that challenges His rule.