Just One Day Too Late - 2016

Recently, a lady was admitted to hospital with a liver complaint. A couple days later her, liver had failed completely. Her only hope of survival was to have a liver transplant. Liver transplants today are common and successful.

She had one massive problem and that was she was not a citizen of Australia. You can only receive a liver transplant in Australia if you are a citizen of Australia. This meant that this lady had to be flown back to her home country, which was a 14 hour flight and there was no chance she would survive the trip. She had put in her application to become an Australian citizen, but it had not been processed. She had been living in Australia for a number of years and had not bothered to become a citizen, although she planned to live here forever. Her delaying in becoming an Australian citizen will more than likely cost her her life.

Spiritually speaking, this could happen to a lot of people who have not become a citizen of God’s family. They may once have been in God’s family, and may have lost out, or they may have been listening to the gospel for many years and knew what was right, and about to make their choice, but their life had been taken from them. Sadly to say, they will go to a lost eternity because they had not become a citizen of God’s great family soon enough. They had always intended to make their choice and to become one of God’s children and had hesitated and lost out.

I love a verse of a hymn. “In the valley of hesitation, countless millions have lingered and died. When the costs seem too great for salvation, and to lowly His way for their pride.” Also the hymn, “One Day Too Late.” We will never know maybe this lady’s application would have been processed the day after she needed it, just one day too late. We must pray for my relations and friends that are outside and hope they will not hesitate to become a citizen of God’s family before it is too late.