Keith - "Earthquake" - 2005

Dear All,

We feel greatly indebted to the large number of folks around the world who have sent e-mails or phoned since the devastating earthquake in the north of the country last week.  Thank you very much for your care for us here.

The quake struck at ten minutes to nine Saturday morning, measuring 7.6 at the epicenter about 100 miles north of Islamabad. A major part of those killed were children who had just gathered for the day of schooling. Schools collapsed on them giving no opportunity to escape.

The quake was felt from Kabul through to Delhi.  However, Pakistan bore the brunt of the shake.  Your papers will give estimates of 30,000 killed, while local papers here say the number will probably be nearer to 40,000.

None of our friends or workers suffered any loss in the quake. Beverly Walker and Dolly Inayat in Rawalpindi felt the strongest shake. Their ceiling fans were swinging so wildly that they were touching the ceiling. Our one family of friends in Islamabad suffered no damage. Babu Lal and Faheem in Peshawar saw bricks falling from the compound walls and heard dishes rattling in the cupboards. Jhelum, where we have convention, was badly shaken but the family of our sister worker, Baila, suffered no loss.

I am in the south of the country at Karachi, where we felt none of the tremors at all.

International aid and rescue teams are pouring into the country. Most of the devastation has been in the mountains where roads have been destroyed by landslides, making it very difficult for the aid organizations to reach the areas where help is needed the most.  We have no friends up in those mountain areas of northern Pakistan and Kashmir.

Today, we move to a new address here in Karachi. Four of the young brothers are here to help, so we look forward to a good day working together.

Thank you once again for your care and concern.

Your brother in Christ,