Keith Olsen - Friday, September 23, 2011

We know that there are a multitude of people wondering how Keith is doing, so we’ve decided that just so everyone knows the facts, we are going to send out some information on a regular basis. This note is going to the Sask-Man-Pakistani staff only, but it will let you know the plans. From this point on, what we send will also be sent mostly
only to you. With this new-to-me computer, I don’t have any group mailings set up for friends. However, we are going to write in such a way that you can feel free to forward the letters to anyone you think would be interested. Keith just connected his computer and downloaded 84 letters from yesterday. At this point, he is still well able to scan
his mail. If you send him three or four lines, he will likely even ‘read’ it!! He of course won’t be able to answer much of it.

The first things we will be sending out are a copy of the notes from the Sunday morning mtg that we had here in the hospital yesterday. After that, with Dr Lois’ help we are hoping to send out a letter explaining Keith’s exact medical situation so as to avoid some of the confusion that comes from a lack of information.

Keith had an amazing day yesterday. At nightfall he counted over 40 visitors that had passed through his door that day. Twice he went down to the common room where many were gathered so he could be with them all. We are restricting visitors and people are fitting in very well, but Keith has a large family. His ‘niece’ Brenda and family as well as ‘nephew’ Rob, Cory, and family were among those who took advantage of the weekend to come this way. All of his immediate family has been here but some left yesterday and others are leaving today. Grandma Dora and Wendy are staying on. Dora has been a brick. She says, “We always talk about trusting God so how can we not trust Him now.”

I’m sitting beside Keith’s bed as I type this. He continues to read his mail. He doesn’t look or act like a sick man but we know the cancer is very busy inside. He has no pain and no nausea at present. We will enjoy the days together while they last. We are glad that Clifford F is here in the city, also.