Keith Olsen - Monday, July 25, 2011

We had very helpful special meetings.  Everything went well but, in the end, our elder Uncle Keith Olsen went to Sri Lanka and UAE for special meetings.  A day before his return, he got so sick that they had to rush him in the hospital.  His problem was that he could not pass urine.  They operated and found out that he has cancer around his kidneys, and that was blocking the urine tubes. His Canadian doctor and staff advised him to go to Canada and have full treatment there. 

Glad he agreed to that.  Now he is back in Canada and is having treatment there.  He says some days are good and some are bad.  He has become very weak. 

Right now, he is at convention but can not take part in the meetings.  We hope with good treatment, he will get well again.  We miss him much.  He has spent 40 years in Pakistan. Now he says if he had not gone to Canada, he might have died by now.