Keith Olsen - Pakistan, 2011

Dear Staff,

These few lines come to you from St. Paul's hospital in Saskatoon.

Word will have reached you that I was admitted here Thursday morning with a bowel obstruction probably caused by malignant tumors pressing on the wall of the bowel.

A CT scan and biopsy of these tumors was scheduled for today to determine if they are the same type as the prostate cancer. However, that test could not take place because the machine was not operating.

I have no pain, fever or discomfort but am only allowed IV fluids and ice cubes.

My family, including my mother is here with me to stand by. Clifford and Lloyd come tomorrow. If only days remain for me, let it be days. If weeks, then let it be weeks. If a year, then let it be a year. I can only say from my heart, "So be it. God's will be done."

I have requested that (you) not use my cell number to call me as I do not have the emotional strength to deal with so many calls.

With brotherly love in the Gospel,

Your brother,


Part of an e-mail I just received.

Keith O is not well at all. He was being treated for prostate cancer and ended up in the hospital Thurs night with a blocked bowel -- to discover more tumors in that area. Today he is being moved to palliative care!! The family is shocked!! Keith is shocked. They are all there or coming today. His dear mother is on her way today - she is over 90 and recently had surgery and is not well herself Keith was born in the fall of 1942.