Keith Olsen - Sunday Morning, September 26, 2011

Some of you may have heard that on Sunday morning, September 26th, a number of us were able to gather for a little Sunday morning meeting in a conference room in St Paul’s Hospital, in Saskatoon, where Keith Olsen has been.  Present as well as Keith were his mother and three brothers, Roy and Elaine, Victor, and Lenore and Ross, niece Candace Stewart and her four children, Tim and Carla (niece) Shultz, niece Wendy Stafford, Clifford Fedirchuck, Dustin Collins and Michael Hassett. You can understand that it was an experience that we will not soon forget.

Some of the ladies took notes and then put them together to make the attachment you will find with this note. Most of the names have been left off as this is not verbatim.

Please feel free to share these with anyone you feel might like to see them.

Before long we hope to send an update on Keith’s condition. Today he is enjoying his visitors and I saw him scanning the 84 emails he received this morning.

The Saskatoon brothers