Kenneth Beckman - Worker's Convention - Saginaw - Tuesday, October 2, 2007


David Olson and I are back in the Indio area from the Saginaw regional workers meeting. The Saginaw meeting barn served well for our 8 meetings of the 204 workers from Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Hawaii and Arizona. We had visitors from East USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America.

As about 175 sister and brother workers faced east in the barn, 24 older brothers sat behind the microphone in a semi-circle facing west. 16 of those brothers were overseers. The 90 minute meetings were very helpful and our time together was very special. Esther Layman felt it was the best privilege of her life span.

At our last meal together in the dining room, we first sang grace and then two other hymns. A variation to hymn 405 sung by the Saginaw friends who helped with meal preparation and cleaning while we had our meetings. The friends sang to the workers. This is the variation of the hymn:

"Lord, let them hear once more the call to labour,
The call that rang beside blue Galilee,
To turn from home and land and friends and kindred:
Speak, Lord, to them, and say, 'Come, follow me.'

Should doubts or fears rise up or Satan tempt them
To loose the cords that bind them close to Thee,
Open their ears to hear again the message
Their Master whispered in Gethsemane.

When burdens of Thy Kingdom weigh upon them
From sheep whose love and vision has grown dim,
Remind them of the ones who still are praying,
Believing all is possible with Him.

Though years may come without the joy of reaping,
Help them to know their labours aren't in vain.
The deep'ning of Thy work within Thy people
Is cause enough to gladly go again.

As age and youth go labour on together,
Unite them Lord, as Thou has always done.
Then, as they move and live amongst Thy people,
We feel the Spirit of Thy precious Son.

Help us, Oh Lord, to firmly stand behind them,
Uphold their hands, encourage them alway.
Then, as one body, bound in love together,
The Bride of Christ, we'll be on that great day."

The workers sang back to the friends:

"Lord, grant Thy people grace."

It was a touching way to conclude our days together.
Kind greetings and good days.

Your brother in Him,
Kenneth Beckman