Kent Williston - Invincible Purpose - Buttonwillow, California - May 9, 1999

It was 90 years, one month and three days ago, that a little group of men and a little group of dogs first stood at the geographic North Pole. It wasn't because other men had not wanted to go and had not tried to go, that this group was the first.


Robert Perry and his little band reached the goal. Why did he reach the goal? He had special equipment built, and special dog sleds. But first, he built an invincible purpose. In Robert Perry's own words, he spoke of things that would have turned anyone back if they had not had an invincible purpose. We can be sure that this man did not make it by accident. It was his life.


The last journey to the Pole took a number of months but it was a life-long journey for him. Every day, he was doing things that strengthened his purpose and helped him become prepared.


He tried once for the Pole and didn't make it. Again, he launched out and didn't make it. Then again, he launched out and he made it. It is hard for me to understand why anyone would put that much effort, expense, and suffering into reaching a cold piece of ice. Even harder to understand is why we do NOT put everything we have into reaching the goal ahead of us. Jesus has told us He is gone to prepare a place for us. We want to be there in that place He has prepared. There is only one other place prepared - it is for the devil and his angels and we will end up there if we do not have a purpose that takes us in the footsteps of Jesus.


What can we do to have an invincible purpose - a purpose that at any cost and no matter what comes in our way? We will continue. Hebrews 12:1, "Lay aside every weight." Robert Perry did not take any more than he absolutely had to, with him to the North Pole. The dogs that pulled, when they became weak and sick, were not carried along. They would have been dead weight. It wasn't easy for those men to cut the dogs in pieces to feed to the other dogs for the journey. There are things we will have to lay aside if we want a strong purpose. Perhaps they are things that are not bad and have helped us in the past. Laying them aside will remove weight and will also feed us.


Look unto Jesus, the One who went ahead. One thing the journey to the North Pole required was a leader. There was only one stretch of the trail that Robert Perry broke and that was the last part. Someone else went ahead and left food behind for those who followed. He could look at those ahead and that helped to strengthen his purpose.


This afternoon, two sisters spoke to us and both have done more than I can say to strengthen my purpose - one when I was a little boy and one when was a teenager. They took time to see me and to strengthen my purpose. Each because of their health has every reason not to continue in this harvest field. I am sure all of us would feel they would be justified in not continuing, but they have kept their purpose.


We appreciate so much those who have gone ahead and are going with us today to strengthen our purpose. This will not be enough to take us all the way but there is One who will help us go all the way. If we can look at Jesus and what He has done that He did not deserve to have to do and He did not need to do, this will strengthen our purpose. We cannot afford to miss this eternal goal.

Sometimes the path ahead looks bleak and cold. We have to make it to the goal and can only do it if our purpose is invincible, all of us: those who have just begun, those who have walked a while.

I hope we do things to strengthen our purpose and let go of things that we know will only weaken our purpose. There are places in this world that will weaken our purpose - things that we see and people we are with. May we this year value our purpose and be careful to do things that strengthen our purpose so we can go all the way.

**The sisters spoken about are Jeanne Davies and Marilyn Wheeler.

**Not verbatim