Kevin Cowan - Milltown I Convention - Evening Meeting, Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hymn 96, “Take Up Thy Cross” 


Mark 16:14, “Equation” – mathematical, where there’s an equal sign - where they are equal.  Equations are conditions and results. 

Proverbs 29:1, hardening your neck by repenting and repenting will eventually make your neck not turn… turn to be soft (that is).  We stray, wander, and we’re going to reprove.  But, we don’t want to get to the point of not being able to turn our head. 

Mark 16:16, “Believe = 'It’s true and I agree with it and I’m going to do it.'”  If we don’t believe, we are condemned.  Being baptized is not necessarily all the steps…it’s just a further step.  Continue to take steps. 

John 6:54, think of the flesh of Jesus is the outside (outwardly) side; what man sees.  Understand the blood of Christ…inwardly…the side that only God saw.  We want to partake of what Jesus saw - inwardly and outwardly…making that a part of us. 

John 15:1-2, 4-6, we can’t bear fruit unless we’re abiding in the vine.  (We wait to abide in that vine - that fellowship.)  If we’re part of that vine, but not bearing any fruit - we won’t last that long.  Not only abiding in Christ; we could be attached to the fellowship and bear no fruit.  Christ will (and must) abide in us. 

Matthew 10:38, but if we take up our cross, our result with Him will be more worthy.  Simon took Jesus’ cross to the place of death.  Where will take up our cross?  Many times we feel like we must die… and that’s denying ourselves.  Take up your cross and follow Jesus.  When you hear the words taken up by God’s servant, don’t get taken up by God’s servant - but by who sent the servant. 

Revelations 3:20-21, there’s a knock and a call.  This happens continuously - if we have faith and hear both. 

Revelations 1:18, keys for door / letting someone in or out.  If we’re in the will of God and we know it - we’re living a heaven on earth.  If we’re in the will of God and not know it, we’re living a hell on earth. 

Revelations 3:8, with the open door, you need to have a little strength and faith.


Hymn 155, “Incline Your Ear”