Leanne McChesney - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 220, “More Love To Thee” (Verses 1 and 3)


For every deeper pain, we can allow God to do a much deeper work.  So, we can go forth with a sweeter savor. 

For every measure - is a profit to our soul.  Each of us has a mill (that we should let it do its work). 

Don’t be left behind in the soil.  Grow upwards and let the deeper work happen. 

Matthew 5:20, God wants the deeper work of righteousness within…not just the appearance.  The unclean city is the continuous battle.  In the garden, Jesus took care of the root.  The greatest struggle had expired. 

Our tongue has no power.  It’s a member without power.  The deeper work we need done is in our heart. 

The greatest work is not staying together.  Accept our righteousness.  The greatest work is the miracle of staying together and loving again.