Lena Waterson - Picton Convention - Friday Morning, June 23, 1950

God be not silent unto me.  My desire is to overcome the things that would hinder my walk with God and hinder me from having the favour of God and God’s people.


1 Kings 3, an understanding heart or a hearing heart.  What Solomon asked was pleasing in the sight of God.  If God is not able to speak with us, we will soon lose out and lose the fellowship of God and His people.


The palm tree produced a berry and, when the berry went through the crushing mill, it produced an oil that gave a very brilliant light.  We must go through crushing experiences in order to bring forth light in the world.


Psalm 78, we may have all the outward weapons of warfare but not be faithful in our inward relationship with God.  David knew that only what he had proved of God in his own life would help him as he went forth to face fresh tests and fresh difficulties.  “Except the Lord buildeth a house, he labours in vain that buildeth.”