Leslie White - September 10, 2007

My dear co-workers,

This is the letter that we all knew would finally have to be written but it is still with joy and sorrow.  “It is planned for me to leave the Colorado-Utah staff in January and go to the Illinois-Indiana staff.”  I cannot in word express the great appreciation I have for the help every one of you have extended to me as we have worked together during the 16 years I have been on the staff. I am very aware of my own limitations and mistakes during this time and am more and more thankful for the provision in Christ to forgive and heal and bind His little flock together in spite of what we may have lacked of his grace and power. I so much value the effort all of you have made to not only help me but to be an help to each other as the particular needs have arisen. You as co-workers have with compassion worked to help individual companions and the whole staff to grow in love and unity.

It is so easy to take for granted the powerful work of the Christ that makes this ministry successful. There is no work on earth that is done in such a contradiction of all that the human in us would dictate and that is really the secret of the success because it keeps us humbled and in meekness seeking the help of our Lord for each step of the way.

Jim Price has been chosen to come to Colorado-Utah as soon as he is free sometime in January. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have come. Jim is known to most of you and knows many of the people in the two States as well. This is a great help when making the necessary decisions. I am confident that you will give him a good welcome and work willingly with him.

Next week it is planned for me to go to Hector, MN for the convention and then an immediate return to Colorado-Utah. I will try to visit each field as soon as it is possible.

Barry Barkley will go to the New York-New England staff to try to fill the gap left by Charles Steffen. We are so very thankful that God continually searches and seeks out and equips men and women to meet the needs as they arise.

Thankfully, your brother,