Lizzier White - Picton Convention - Friday Evening, June 23, 1950

I am glad for a fresh vision of myself and a fresh vision of Jesus.  I am glad for the times when the Lord showed me where I stood in the light of eternity.


Isaiah 51:1, as we think of what God has brought us from and as we think of what God has brought us into, it helps us to value our high calling in Jesus.  We are glad that ever God spoke to us and revealed to us Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.  It is an individual matter in all of our lives that God has to reveal to us the way that we should take.  It meant something for Abraham to leave what was dear to him – his house and kindred.  God has caused us to meet together this evening in order that we might get His blessing.  The most valuable thing in this life is the honour that comes from God.  In order to get the honour that comes from God, we must be willing for humiliation.  Abraham’s heart responded to the voice of God and he departed as the Lord had spoken to him.  Every step Abraham took brought blessing into his life.


Genesis 22:17-18, Abraham received the blessing of God when he offered his son upon the altar.