Lloyd Wilson - Ireland

I love the people and the place, I’m very glad to say.

Monaghan Conv’ past and we are on the way.

The memories I hope to keep, will urge my spirit on.

For pleasant days we now may share, we know will soon be gone,

And pleasant things we now behold, will soon be out of sight.

When all are scattered far and near, because we know it’s right.


The hearty welcome we recv’d into the homes of friends,

Which we are glad to share before our visit ends.

We know now it is the hearts of some who have been won by love,

And for the sake of Jesus who came from Heaven above.


We hear them tell of workers, those Pioneers of ‘Truth.

Who for the sake of Jesus, left all in days of youth,

To walk the lowly way and witness to the Light.

True pillars standing straight and strong, they are a pleasant sight.


Yesterday we crossed the line and came to Carnteel

The pleasant view that meets the eye seems so very real.

We heard about the Mission in Nineteen hundred three,

And saw the little school, where it is said to be.


And some who took their stand to follow in this way,

And left it all to sow the seed, until their dying day.

It makes me think of Holy Ground, this dedicated place.

And of the souls who gather in, who have been saved by Grace.


Lloyd Wilson



This was sent to me by Lloyd Wilson, worker, after he’d been to Ireland.