Lois Austin - Buttonwillow I, California Convention - 2018

Hymn 237

II Timothy 2, repentance is a gift from God.  It’s not a gift we open and enjoy for only a little while.  It’s meant to be with us forever. 

Hebrews 6, repentance is foundational and essential.  Nothing more can happen spiritually until we receive repentance.  It’s a starting point.  It’s like the silent process when the husk finally gives up and lets all the life go to the seed.  The outer part is no longer wanted.  It’s not just feeling sorry or making the flesh better or cleaning things up.  It’s about receiving new life. 

Cain was offered repentance, but he didn’t take it.  He’d offered a sacrifice that God  did not respect, and God didn’t respect Cain.  Cain was furious.  He didn’t want God’s gift. 

Parents often offer children a way to be different, but the children don’t want it.  They will never be happy until they accept what their parents offer. 

If a field has not been worked and has no seed planted, it will never produce a harvest of value.  Just turning the soil won’t produce a harvest.  The farmer needs to have a vision of what the field can produce and be willing to work it and sow seed in it. 

The woman at the well in John 4 was steeped in false religion, but the more she visited with Jesus, the more confidence she had in what He said.  She gave evidence of repentance when she left her waterpot and went into the city.  Her day was changed.  She finally realized there was a right way, and she could walk in it. 

The way of salvation is not just a two-by-two ministry, church in the home, modesty, baptism, etc.  Those visible things are just the wrapping paper of the gift.  The real gift is what is inside, and we don’t want to miss it.  

I want to live so that my brethren wouldn’t be ashamed and those outside wouldn’t be confused.

God doesn’t want a ceasefire. He wants our surrender.  We can be thankful when we lose our peace.

Joseph knew one day God would deliver His people out of Egypt.  “When the Lord delivers you, take my bones with you.”  Because of Joseph’s prophecy, people could endure the hard times.  We face difficult times, but we know we won’t be here on earth forever.

Picture an orchestra.  Two things are necessary to produce beautiful music.  All must be in tune with the right pitch.  All must mind the time.  The conductor, like the Lord,  knows the perfect time.