Lois Austin - Milltown I Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hymn 246, “All My Springs Arise in Jesus”




Hymn 241, “The Truth of God”


Acts 4:2, taking back before He left… taking so much / being “re-supplied.”  In a figure – we’re going home with evidence with the resurrection of power.  God is not limited to what He can do for us.  He would like to send us away- full (when we leave convention, meetings, etc.).  We want to take the purity of the message home with us. 

Jesus helped a man (Luke 8) and the man loved the help.  Jesus said, "Return to your house and show your friends" and "he went on his way rejoicing.”  He didn’t have all the answers, but it was his heart.  He took home the fruit…that he could put to good use. 

There is a great need for self-denial.  We must let God have first place - taking up our cross, so that God’s way would be best in our heart.  Fill ourselves with good things, not sharp attitudes, unforgiveness or things that won’t wilt in the heat of the day. 

Go home to review and to meditate on what we’ve learned.