Lowell Stidolph - Elizabeth, Colorado Convention - June 23, 2005

Revelations 4, I've been thinking about heaven. The whole book has opened up because I am closer to the end of the road.


John saw an open door into heaven. "Door" in Greek means a gate, a gate to the sheepfold. A gate opens a way through one place to another. It may have been the time in John's life when this door was open. We go through many doors before this final door is open. We have a heart's door and Jesus is standing outside. We have to let Him in. Then we begin to walk in the Way and go through this door.


There was a voice speaking to him from the other side of the door. It was a voice he had heard before. If we're responding to God today, we're going to hear the same voice. When He says, "Come up here," we're going to recognize that voice.


The Old Testament speaks of two silver trumpets, the voice of God Himself through the trumpet to the ministry.  We need a lot more assurance than the human voice. It must be ONE trumpet that sounds a clear note so there is no question.


Heaven is not going to be a whole lot different than this Kingdom; a lot better, but not different.


The messages to the seven churches affected John's spirit. They were churches he knew. But there is God's testimony of the churches that we don't know. Maybe this message made him a little out of the spirit. But he immediately got into the spirit when he heard the voice. John knew what spirit to get into. We, as men, don't have a good spirit 24/7.


The throne was set in heaven. It was SET there. The throne of God is set in heaven, occupied, it is not going to move. God has never left the throne. He just sends the angels to minister to us.


We go where we go because we think we're going to win by doing that. But in God's day, it's going to be as it's going to be.


John was describing what was in heaven. He spoke of the jasper stone. There are two kinds. One is clear, but most are coloured. If cut, the jasper stone is the same all the way through. God is the same on the surface and all the way through. He is full of compassion and also one that can put His foot down. Why would we be afraid to go see a God we already know? What He is and what He's been to me here, He won't change.


There was a rainbow round the throne. The beauty is going to be the same. Full spectrum light is a rainbow. God is pure, perfect light, full spectrum.


It was a square city with 12 gates each of one pearl. It doesn't matter what gate you go through, we have entered into the Way of God because we entered in through Christ.


There were 24 elders with crowns of gold. Where did they come from? We know what an elder is. We know it on this side of the grave. It is nothing really new. Because of the blood of Christ, they were singing and praising God because they knew they were sinners. It is God who makes them an elder.


There were four beasts. There are good beasts and evil ones. Beasts of burden are good beasts. These beasts represent the four aspects of Jesus. The human face is His human side, the lion is His kingship, the eagle the divine, the calf His sacrificial side. It doesn't matter which beast was singing. Everyone was singing the same song.


There were seven candlesticks representing the seven spirits of God. There was one source of oil for all seven. Light is light. It doesn't matter which candle, it was life and light from heaven. There were seven in heaven the same as it was on earth.


The creatures had six wings. Isaiah 6 describes the seraphim having six wings, two covered the head, two the feet, and two flew. The seraphim represent the gospel we preach in this life. There are things in this life that aren't good to look upon. There are places in this world that wouldn't be good to go. The two wings that flew is the Spirit guiding in this. We can enjoy everything in heaven because everything there is good to see. There is no place in heaven it is not good to go. It is better on the other side. It's all something to look forward to.

**The meeting notes of Lowell's last pouring out from Elizabeth II. It was awesome to be in the atmosphere of that meeting. We appreciated his openness in allowing us to walk with him to death's door. He is not expected to last but three months or so, but he delivered his message with all the energy of his youth. These are just my scribblings. There may be someone there who got it verbatim that will send it on later. He spoke again on Saturday. Those notes will be forthcoming.