Lyle Schoeber - Take Me and Make Me - Minnesota - October 2010

The attached Hymn was written by an overseer, Lyle Schoeber. (in Minn.) It is sung by Murray Lewis, the nephew of William Lewis (who was an overseer here years ago). The words are as follows:


1. We are thankful, Lord for Thy creation For all things we see with human eye; For the beauty of the distant mountains; For rivers, the meadows and sky; For birds that sing so sweetly in the treetops; For flowers and deer that run so free Thy handiwork we want to see completed; So take me and make me like Thee.

2. We are thankful, Lord, for Jesus coming To this world to perfect every man; For the words of truth and life He brought us; For living so we understand; For yielding to Thy will within the garden; For letting His blood so freely flow; Thy purpose Lord in us we want accomplished; So take me and make me bend low.

3. We are thankful, Lord, for godly parents And their love for things that are divine; For their care and kindness in correction; For keeping our future in mind; For helping us to choose when we were troubled; For trying to keep us undefiled; We learned a father's hand is what we're needing; So take me and make me Thy child.

4. We are thankful, Lord, for all our brethren; For the faith and courage that they share; For their words of comfort in our sorrow; For lifting the burden we bear; For standing firm and steadfast in the battle; For knowing our lack yet not condemn; A brother true I want to be to others; So take me and make me help them.

5. We are thankful, Lord for Thy dear servants, For the sacrifice they freely give; For their heart's desire for their brethren; For dying to help others live; For leaving all to go and be a stranger; For telling Thy message faithfully; Their love to do Thy will is so inspiring; So take me and make me serve Thee.