Mae Greenaway - Walls and Bridges - 2017

It's been said that people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges ... and often
people do that with God as well.  They build a wall between themselves and God and thus they are lonely and miserable.  While thinking about walls, I ran across the following information about three of the most famous walls that man has built.


Walls of Babylon:  a double wall behind a moat that surrounded the city of Babylon. The first wall was 344 ft. High and 85 ft. wide ... with enough room for a 4 horse chariot to tum around. The inner wall stood 75 ft. High and 32 ft. Wide. Entrance to the city was through 100 bronze gates ... 25 on each side.


Great Wall of China:  at 1500 miles, it is the longest wall in the world and stands 15 to 30 ft. high. Built in about 15 years, it follows mountain crests and takes advantage of narrow gorges. A roadway was built on top with towers at regular intervals of 200 yards. It was the greatest building enterprise ever undertaken by man and yet it was never successful in preventing invasions from northern nomadic desert tribes. Yet today, it is still the boundary between Chinese and Mongol culture, and between agriculture and nomadic herding.


Berlin Wall:  thrown up in three days, it consisted of barbed wire ... but within a few days, a 6 ft. concrete wall was erected.  Many more enforcements have been added since that August of 1961. Built by East Germany to prevent the loss of all its skilled workers and unskilled laborIn 1957, 385,000 people crossed from the East to the West side of the city. In 1958, 226,000 people crossed, followed by 174,000 in 1959, 226,000 in 1960, and 234,000 during the first 7 months of 1961How good to be bridge builders,

The bridge of love crosses the river of Sin. 

The bridge of kindness will cross the river of miss-understanding.

The bridge of forgiveness will cross the river of faults.

The bridge of encouragement will cross the river of disappointment and discouragement.

The bridge of faith will cross the river of doubts.  It is not our little faith that hinders, but our little doubts.

The bridge of intercession, in this life, will cross the river of separation.