Margaret Turkington - Portadown, Ireland Special Meetings - 2011

"Peace in Thy Palaces."  We have been in many palaces this year and this is the place where peace can be restored in our palace.

II Kings 4:38, "And Elisha came again dearth in the land."  The land couldn't be cultivated, this man went out into the field to a place that was not his own.  He did not know what was planted there.  He brought a wild vine and shred it into the pot.  Others didn't know about it.  They didn't know that it was poison that could lead to death.  That was what was shred into the fellowship that day.  Someone had taken of what they did not know. 

I have learned through varied hard experiences that there are only two spirits in this world.  What is not of peace brings confusion, contention, and strife.  The root of this is a lie.  Do not swallow it for it will bring death.  We don't want anything to destroy the wonderful fellowship we have.

Once I was making the meal at special meetings.  We were preparing stew and rice and I put into it some gravy that had been left over.  When I went to serve it, I could see that it had fermented.  A brother helped me and said that the meat wasn't affected so we took out the meat and left the gravy.  John Jennings was there and he said that it was the best he had tasted!  1 Peter 2:1 tells of what can ferment our lives. 

"Lay aside…"  These are little sentiments which should not be there.  We must get to the root of anything that would hinder our peace.  We have something very precious, the spirit of peace.