Marian Thorburn - Milltown II Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 60, “Teach Me Thy Way” 


We learn best when we hear things repeated. 

Psalms 95:6-11, hear and let it take effect.  The peoples’ heart was not right and they did not know His way. 

Two basic reasons for God to be in their lives:  1) Condition of their heart (there was error in their hearts). 

Psalms 78:37, serve the Lord with everything we have.  The enemy of our soul would like us to divide that (or divide that for us by enticing us to love something just a little bit).  Know His way at where we are today.  When in distress – go to the Lord.  2) We need understanding from the Lord on how He would respond when we go through touch times (for Him to go through the same).  He knows that we do need wisdom. 

Psalms 86:11, “Teach me Thy way”

Psalms 143:8

Psalms 77:13, “Thy way O’Lord is in the sanctuary.”  Hunters (worldly people / satan, etc.) likes to meet us at the door of the sanctuary.  But, once we’re in - we’re safe. 

Psalms 77:19 – Hebrews 11, “...more acceptable faith that He had a more sacrifice...”.  With convention – it’s good to get stirred up to have more faith.