Marie Clark - First Part of First Meeting, Nuriootpa Special Meeting - May 10, 2004

Hymn 275

In Deuteronomy 33:2-3, we read these words “... from His right hand went a fiery law for them. Yet He loved the people." I was thinking of this fiery law and the word of God is accompanied by the presence and power of Heaven. It's a law of love, yet sometimes we find that our flesh shrinks from the Word of God that comes from Heaven; it is a fiery law, why does our flesh shrink? It is because fire needs something that causes it to burn. The wick of the candle is consumed for the light of the candle to shine forth, and the wood on the fire is consumed for heat to come forth. This fiery law; this word of God that is accompanied by the power and presence of God, is looking for something to consume in our lives.

Exodus 3, we read there of Moses, and when the Angel of God was speaking to him out of the midst of the burning bush. we read that the bush burned but it wasn't consumed. God was just showing that this message that was coming to Moses was going to consume his will; your will is going to be burnt up in the will of God, but it is not going to consume and destroy your life, but rather it is going to manifest something of God Himself.

Another time we read in Malachi of Jesus, that He was going to be like the refiners fire, and it says, "Who will stand when He appears?" The refiner's fire will remove the dross and it purifies that which is precious. This word of God that comes accompanied by the presence and power of God quickens and fans the flames of the fear of God. The fire was in their hearts and God looked down and God said, "They shall be My jewels." There was something taking place in the lives of those people; the dross was being consumed and that which was precious and, that which was beautiful of the fear of God was being worked into their lives, and it was pleasing to God. God said, "They will be among My jewels." The flesh would shrink from the refiner's fire but God is just wanting to remove the dross; He is wanting to purify and cleanse; He is wanting to work within us the beautiful marks of His Son. He was accepted of His Father and it will make us acceptable to the Father also.

Exodus 24:16-17, we read in there of the word of God that came from Heaven and of the fiery law that came accompanied by the presence and power of God. God called Moses up into the mount. Moses went up into the mount and a cloud covered him. "And the glory of the Lord abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud. And the sight of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel." God was leaving His people that day without doubt that this is the will of God and He came down in a cloud of fire upon the mountain. There was no doubt that this word is of God; this word that Moses was speaking; this word of the law; this building of the Tabernacle, and this word that concerned the acceptable sacrifice. There was no doubt in the mind of those people that it was God speaking, we go on to read that the people did all according to all that God commanded Moses, and we read of Moses that he did all according to the commandments of God and the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.  We read too in that chapter of what happened when the sacrifice was put upon the altar. It speaks of the people being willing for their will to be burnt up and consumed in the will of God, and there came a fire from the Lord and consumed the sacrifice. There was a cloud over the Tabernacle by day and a pillar of fire by night, but it was this fiery law that consumed their sacrifice and Moses communed with the God of Heaven there. God will only accept the offerings from the willing-hearted and as we offer sacrifices that are acceptable to God, the fire will consume them.

I was reading also in 1st Kings 18 and there was an influence there among the people of God; a wrong influence. The word that came was a law that was contrary to God. God told  Elijah to call the people to the place of sacrifice and he just had to say, "HOW long will ye halt between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow Him or if Baal then follow him." How long halt ye between two opinions? This had brought division among God's people and many had turned away from the will of God and they were of two opinions, and I like where Elijah said, "Let the God that answereth by fire, be God." The people called on the other God, but there was no response. Then Elijah repaired the Altar and he laid the sacrifice there and he called upon God. His request was this, "Let it be known today that there is a God in Israel and I am thy servant and I have done all these things at thy word." Elijah was concerned that God would be glorified; that this was the word of God; and that the people would be assured that his word was accompanied by the approval of Heaven. He covered the sacrifice with four barrels of water, and we know that water is the enemy of fire; water has power to quench fire and we would say "It is impossible for fire to consume the sacrifice", but God sent fire from Heaven and consumed the sacrifice and licked up the water which was in the trench. God answered by fire, and God was leaving the people without doubt that day that the word they were listening to and the example they were seeing in His servant Elijah was accompanied with the power from Heaven; it consumed the acceptable sacrifice. They were seeing that, this word, if they obeyed it, was going to bring the blessing of God. It is going to help us to offer an acceptable sacrifice, and it tells us that the fire consumed the wood, the water, and the dust, and it is like the influence that we leave in this world at this time and it's going to show all that is Godly in us; the flame of love; the flame of zeal and the flame of faith. The fire that came left the people without doubt that this word is the word that we need to listen to; this is the word we need to give ourselves to; this fiery law that is accompanied by the power and presence of God and it will renew within us all that's Godly.

Elijah said, "... Thou hast turned their heart back again," and wouldn't it be good that the influence of our gathering here, today, would turn our heart back again.

In Revelations 2, we read of the church of the Ephesians, that they had left their first love and the flame of love was only burning weakly and they had left their first works. The message was repent, just repent, and submit your will again to the win of God and be willing for your will to be burnt and consumed by the will of God and there will be blessing, and the flame of love would be rekindled afresh.

In Luke 24, we read of two disciples who walked to Emmaus. Jesus had been taken from their midst and their hearts were sad because of the evil which had seemed to prevail. Their hearts were sad and their hearts were troubled. Jesus Himself drew near and Jesus communed with them and it says, "Beginning at Moses and all the prophets He expounded unto them the scriptures concerning Himself," what was the result? It says that their hearts burned within them and the fire of faith was kindled afresh because of being in touch and in fellowship with Jesus. They had been hearing His word and it was accompanied by the power and presence of Heaven. May that be our portion today and it speaks of a love there for what they were hearing and they wanted to hear more, and may the flame of love be quickened afresh; that there would be a burning within our hearts; a burning of faith and a burning of love endeavouring to get closer to our Saviour and endeavouring to respond to His word from Heaven and His blessing be upon us.