Marlon Halbakken - Testimony in a Letter

Marlon Halbakken's testimony as told by himself: Born 1955-2008

I should have taken time to write this letter a long time ago, because I want you to know a little about what I have found, and what I'm doing in this work of the gospel.

In 1973 is the first time I ever heard of this way that is so different.  I was sitting in class at the Lewiston High School (in Lewiston, Minnesota) reading my Bible in the free time that we had.  I did this a number of times because my time was really filled with other things.  Not always very important things, but nevertheless, time was full.  As I sat reading one day, my classmate came and sat beside me.  I knew him well because we often wanted to wrestle the same weight.  That meant each week we would have to wrestle off to see who would wrestle on "A" team.

Clare began the conversation by asking me why I was reading my Bible.  "Was it for some church work or some class?"  "No," I said. "I just enjoy reading."  "Do you believe what you are reading," he asked.  "Well sure I do, was my reply." "Well do you believe that everything Jesus taught was true?"  "Yes, I do!"  "Well then do you believe His ways and words are still true for us today?"  I thought for awhile and said, "Well it must be true for us, if it was true for them in Jesus’ day."

At first when Clare began asking me questions, I thought I would tell him some things about the Bible but the way he asked me questions I felt he knew more than I did about it.  And sure enough he did, for in his very next question he asked me something I never thought about before, even though I had read about it.  "Do you think the preachers should still teach and follow in the same way as Jesus taught and did?"  And once again I had to agree.  Then he told me more about what he believed:  Preachers who went the same way Jesus went, fellowship meetings in the home, and no denominational name.  I didn't take it all in right away and asked him where he got the scripture for all this.

We talked often about these things and he invited me to Gospel Meetings.  That's when I saw the gospel lived out.  It was true about all he told me!  I knew just by watching that these people and preachers had a love for God.  Then I went to my first Sunday morning meeting.  Each one had a little part in prayer and testimony. It seemed like each word came from deep within.  After that meeting, I was sure this was the way of God.  And after quite a few gospel meetings, I stood to my feet and professed that this way was right and I wanted to be a part of it.  In the fall of the year, I went to convention.  It was 4 days long and 3 meetings each day.  I enjoyed it so much I went to 4 more.  In each convention, the Bible became more real to me.  Of all that was said, there was not one contradictory thing.  But there was edification that helped me love these things more!  At the 5th convention, I offered my life for the ministry, for I knew this is what the Lord was laying on my heart.  It was a whole year before I was accepted and an older brother came to talk to me.  He told me this work could be very hard at times but it was also the most rewarding of all.  He also told me some of his own experiences in this work that helped me very much!  I then sold or gave away everything except the changes of clothes I needed.  Most of my money went to Mom and Dad and the rest was scattered among many people.

Now after 2 years in this work, I'm very glad for all that has come my way since Clare talked to me!  I have the best life anyone could hope for, and I hope I'll have strength to continue all my days!  In this summary I have left out much.  Many times my heart was touched and I was overjoyed as God revealed His work and way to me.  There were longings in my heart and questions in my mind before this, but now I'm satisfied that this is truth through and through.  If you ever want to know more about this way or what I'm doing, Please Ask!!

(Hand written at the bottom)





Marlon Halbakken passed away Friday, October 17, 2008 at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri at the age of 53.  Marlon was born September 27, 1955 in Winona, Minnesota to his father, Marvin Elmer Halbakken, Sr., and his mother, Lucille Alice Cole Halbakken.  He was raised in a farming community with six brothers:  Marvin, Gilman, James, Mark, Mitchael, and Daniel.  He graduated from Lewiston Altura High School in 1974.  In his senior year, with the help of a class friend, Clare Craven, he professed to serve God.  A year later, in the fall of 1975, Marlon started in the ministry in Minnesota.  He then continued in the work in the Colorado and Utah area.  For the last two years of his calling, he has been in the Maryland and Virginia area.  Through his 33 years of ministry, Marlon has gained boundless spiritual friends as his extended family.  He is preceded in death by his parents.