Mary Brown - Picton Convention - Sunday Morning, June 25, 1950

“Let us choose now to obey Him.”  This is something that we have to do in the meetings.


John 4:29, we are invited to assemble here that we might meet Christ Jesus.  God asks us to come aside that He can show us, through His Son, the things that we have done in the past that are not right in His sight.


It could be easy for us to show others where they are wrong, but without showing them at the same time the hope and forgiveness that can be theirs.


Solomon said, “It was in my fathers heart to build a house for God.”  It was not in the heart of David until God put it there.  God works through the hearts of men and women and moves them to be obedient to the things that He would tell them.  He also shows us the cleansing and forgiveness that comes from Him alone.


“Without we are fighters; within we are fearers.”