Mary Lindley - To Older Saints

You may be growing older
And your next steps a mite bit slow;
You may not move as fast as once,
But, Oh, God loves you so!

You may think that you’re not needed,
That your work down here is through
But, my beloved oldster,
God has a plan for you.

Your white hair shows the wisdom
You’ve gathered through the years,
Your presence stands for victories;
Proved you’ve conquered many fears.

Your sweetness shows that Christ dwells within
His love in you abides;
As these virtues flow out from you,
You’re blessing other lives.

Oh, don’t ever be discouraged,
If others must wait on you
You’ve done your share of service,
Just let His light shine through.

So, rejoice and live for Jesus
And to others, His kindness show,
You’re still wanted and still needed,
You’re God’s Messenger, you know.

- Last poem written by Mary Lindley. 
Mary Lindley (1903-1979) professed in one of Willie Webb's meetings (1918) in his early days in the states. She was from Kentucky.  She was in the work also for a number of years and laboured in southern USA. She wrote hymns 93 ("Only One Life to Give"), 261, and 320.