Mat Armstrong - Almonte Convention, Ontario, Canada - Saturday Evening, July 1953

Mark 10:46 to end, study the stories of the few that Jesus was able to help. 

Luke 19, Jesus entered and pass through
Jericho.  Go and keep going.  Thank God for the few.  One in Mark, a poor blind beggar, in Luke, a rich tax collector and Jesus took as much interest in the beggar as the rich. 

Old people without Christ have nothing to live for and nothing to die for.  The beggar kept crying more as he realized Jesus was passing by. 

Jesus tested Bartimaeus,  Some people are like a big wishbone, always wishing but no backbone to obey Jesus when put to the test.

The blindest people are people who don’t want to see.  All the pleasures and all the treasures that a person has that death can take from them, he has nothing.  Lay up treasures in Heaven so death can separate you from this earthly bond and set your soul free to enjoy all you have laid up. 

There was always a crowd around Jesus to keep people from getting helped.  Jesus looked into Zacchaeus’ face and heart.  The happiest meeting a soul can ever have is a seeking sinner meeting with a seeking Saviour.  No one will ever get any good by the death of Christ until they put themselves under His control.

Hymns 129, 164, 186