Matthew 25 - Parable of the Talents Gathered from Various Thoughts

Talents - it was a huge investment He gave to His faithful servants and told them, “This is yours to deal with until I come back.” He invested His life, every ounce of energy, His whole spirit, His blood to the last drop Jesus did absolutely everything He could possibly do for this Kingdom here on earth. We have some rough spots, struggles going on. Some say if Jesus had done or this or that, it would have made it clearer. We don’t have to go there. He invested everything. There wasn’t one thing He could have been or have done more.

Talent is an important word. It is thousands of dollars so it is a great thing, a valuable thing. Each of us were given a great deal. Each one of us has a life - precious, God-given and faculties, abilities. Some of us have a great deal of ability, some not so much but we each have a great responsibility. Everyone has been given this one talent of natural life, and God wants us to realize there is a responsibility that goes with it. God will come back again and reckon with us and see what we have done with it.

Our God, knowing in His infinite wisdom what our capacities are, places different responsibilities upon different capacities. It is a fallacy, a folly, to say all men are equal. The very shape of our bodies and even our head refutes this. We are unequal in our views, in our capacities. God doesn’t take any notice of that. The man who has capacities for service, He may trust with great responsibilities and if He discharges this responsibility faithfully, "faithful" is the word not "capacity," then all will be well.

I am aware that I haven’t the talents others have, but God has committed to me some and I am responsible for how I use the talents God has committed to me. God has given us our talents, they are given to us from God. God is looking to us to use what He has given to us in a right way that it may be increased, to increase in value to God and to one another.

Some people who can’t be everything and do everything, won’t do anything. Those days and opportunities that were God-given for His service pass unheeded by, while all that capacity God has endowed them with is absorbed into the earth and belongs to time. So, my dear friends, this afternoon, remember this always, it is not what you are, just in your capacity, it is what you are in your faithful discharge of the trust that God has reposed in you, and if this is right, all will be well.

Now the first test is with regard to possession, not profession. The second test is with regard to loving service, faithful service, not judgement on the ground of our capacity or powers, and if you with your one talent will faithfully discharge that trust, remember that the judge of all the earth will do right once again, and bestow upon you the same condemnation as He bestows on those who faithfully in a larger sphere, discharge that trust that God had reposed in them.

A good servant in natural affairs is one you can look to and depend upon. You regard them as a good employee and you are glad of their service, a good servant. For us, that would be to be in our place where God has placed us and to be a good servant with only one thought before us, with our Master’s interests at heart, no self-interest, but there to do what we do because we love our Master and we love His way. That is being a good and faithful servant.

The master came back again to reckon with his servants. The man with the one thought he would return the talent and that the master would have nothing to say, and he would go free. The lord said to him, “Why did you not give my money to the bank, then at my coming I would have gained my own with usury?” These days, if you put a new car on the road and don’t like it, and you bring it back expecting your money back, you will not get it. It has depreciated. God will not be satisfied with that life given back after it has been used and abused. He has given us this life that we might listen to the Gospel.

The first two traded with their talents and in each case their money was doubled. As they were working, some might have said to them, "Are you still trading!?" The answer would have been, "Yes, because we have a good master." Once, halfway through my first year in the work, a man expressed surprise to see that I was still in the work. If some did not expect you to be here this year, you could really answer to them, "I have a good Master, who made it possible; I want to respond to Him."

The first two did what they could with their talents. The man who had five talents made another five. The man with two talents brought another two. Then came the separation. The one who gained the two talents had the same response as the one who had gained five. He was aware the servants had done their best to be faithful in their place. We are chosen to be the children of God and His servants. Those two were faithful, true, and loyal.

The man with the five talents could say, “I have gained another five.” This was the man who had been entrusted with a little more still, with the Ministry, given a place in the harvest field. He was faithful in filling his place there, seeking the lost in the place God had put him. He too was told, “Enter thou in to the joy of thy Lord.” It is good if, wherever we are placed, God will find us putting our all into these things, so that at the end of life, God can give us His, “Well done.”

The man with two talents, God had given him a place in the church. He was faithful and could say, “I have gained another two.” The message to him was, “Enter thou in to the joy of thy Lord.”

They were both commended by their lord who said to them, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.... enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” The commendation was for his faithfulness, not for what he had done. We could be like that. The trust He has given us is most important. The servant with one talent had a different view of the master, that he was hard. He had done nothing commendable.

The man with the one talent gave it back to his master; he couldn't improve on it, but the others did. There was separation between the sheep and the goats; another division. There is some separation that we must be prepared for and must be intent on. Someone said they were aware of the need to keep the world separate from their spiritual life. That is true, but I have often wondered about it since. Do we draw a line in our lives where we say, "This belongs to my spiritual life and the rest belongs to me?" We can't do that; it is our complete life.

The man with the one talent thought God was hard and he buried his talent. We believe that God is a God of love and is not a hard task master. Don’t bury your talent in the earth. Why do we talk like this, and how are we going to love Him more? A very great majority people are just burying in the earth their talent and that includes themselves and all they gather around them. If God had intended that kind of thing, He would never have made a world or people. God had a very great purpose when He made man, but nearly everyone frustrated His purpose. God got nothing from that man but there was a little he could have done and he could have heard the same words as the other men.

There was one who brought what he had been given and he just brought it to his master - his master was pleased with him. He brought something to show but he had little to say. But when he came to the one who had hidden his talent, he had a lot to say about what he had done that he had nothing to show. I hope that we would be people who would go out with the thought of wanting to produce fruit, feed on the right things so that we might produce something that is going to show to God and others that we were feeding on the right things and not just out to have a lot to say and nothing to show. God wants to write in the last chapter of our lives that we are more blessed than at the beginning.

This man was afraid to take a chance - kept it to himself and when the Lord returned, he gave it back to Him. Some people when they die say, "Well, Lord here is my life - you gave it - here it is back again." That is no profit to the Lord. Where the Lord is there is light, life, and joy. To be separated from the Lord is to be where there is darkness and misery. He was busy with his own business. He had lost sight of his master. Then, when the master did return, he, the master, said, "Take the talent of the man with one talent and give it to the man with 10 talents." Those two men had felt they had been working for the master but in fact, it was for themselves that they had been working. We are showing to others our love for the One whom we serve.