Maureen Spies - The Messages to the Seven Churches - Williams I, Western Australia - 2009

Hymn 173, “God Is Here Amongst His People”


“God is here amongst His people.”  Isn’t it a lovely thought? It makes us feel safe for our old people, for those in the middle years, for our teenagers, and for little babies. We didn’t expect it but when we came to "Mt. Hillman," we all prayed for an open Heaven, for God’s voice to speak to us, that His still small voice would reach our hearts.


I thought of the time in Revelation where we read about those seven different churches. I don’t know how many churches we are here together but it doesn’t matter, or how many hearts, but the Lord can reach each heart. The Lord has a quiet way of doing things and one heart doesn’t know what the other knows, but the Lord knows.


We see the teenagers sitting together, the older folks sitting together, and the Workers sitting together and we find our place. But the Lord can reach every heart. Sometimes, teenagers seek for teenagers to speak to and the older feel, “I can only speak to my daughter and not to my son.” But the Lord can speak to every heart and we pray it would be so this Convention while we are together.


We read of what went wrong in the hearts of those people in the seven different churches. It was different for every little church but the message came individually, “To him that overcometh ……”  The message was personal. As much as we are a group together, the message is personal. In other words, “Listen and obey and I can help you,” the Lord said.


Before the letters we read those words in chapter 1:4-5, “John to the seven churches which are in Asia, 'Grace be unto you and peace from Him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before His throne. And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness and the First Begotten of the dead, and the Prince of the kings of the earth. Unto Him that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood.'” That was the provision for those that went wrong. If they were asked, “How did you get victory?” they would have said, “By Christ,  and our sins are covered in the blood of the Lamb." Those who were cold, if they were asked, “What helped you to get the victory?” They would say, “By Christ, and our sins are covered in the blood of the Lamb and we have found peace.” The Lord helps us in our place. He doesn’t take us out of our place. It’s wonderful to see everybody in their place and He would like to help us again.


If some of the churches had got together, one church couldn’t say, “Oh, they were the ones who were cold.” And the others couldn’t say, “These left their first love,” because they all came short of the glory of God. It brings us all on the same level and it brings our prayers on the same level, too. John saw those seven churches as seven golden candlesticks. The devil would have seen them as dross! But God saw them that their place was precious and He wanted to restore them.


I noticed the word is in italics – "just one thing." In our field, we had a little church consisting of six people. There was the grandfather, the grandmother, their son and his wife, and their two teenagers. The grandparents were in their eighties and their son and his wife in their forties and the boys teenagers. And they all spoke together. There were three different generations, but they just have one example and that is Jesus.


I can see very clearly that you have the same example that I have, and it’s the same thing in every country and every generation in God’s Kingdom. It just made me grateful that the Lord gave us His Son as an example. You look at the people we see, but the Lord sees what we don’t see and it makes us grateful that the Lord is working and there’s evidence of that. Where we feed, how we feed and when we feed becomes evident in our daily walk.


I remember a concerned mother was asked, “What do you think happened to them?” She just said sadly, “I think they just stopped feeding.” We read of the candlesticks. A  candle doesn’t have much light but may God help us to have that little light burning.


We read of John that day being in the Spirit and the Lord touched him. The Spirit touched his spirit. We read in 1:3, “Blessed are they that read …….”  When I was a little girl, I was a good reader and when I offered for the Work, I was a good reader, but I wasn’t a good Bible reader and we were encouraged to read. We pay a price and may God help us to be faithful for that.


I had the privilege of labouring amongst some of our dear old folks who can’t read and they depend on their children. They have a teacher and the Spirit of God teaches them. We often hear our lives are the only Bible that a careless world will read, and because of that, some have been helped into the Kingdom. I have two little nieces at home, 6 and 4 years old, and they stand back-to-back to measure to see how far they have grown and that gives them pleasure. They said, “When you come back, Aunty, I will have grown up that much.” Children love to grow and the Lord loves to see His children growing and prospering in His way.


The Lord has made full provision and we are here together and that can happen for us again. We just have one vision and that’s Jesus and we stand face-to-face with Him.  Children stand back-to-back to measure one another but with Him, we stand face-to-face. One brother used to say, “Make your failures of the past as victories in the future.” When I thought of victory, we see the strength of youth but also the weakness of old age. But whether it’s old age or youth, we know there’s help to overcome.


I thought of God’s people being His delight, yet often the things we do: what they are and what we think, are not His delight. But He is always our delight. We need to keep open the line of communication. We see beautiful relationships breaking up because of the lack of communication. The Lord wants us to keep that line of communication open. He can speak to us today and He can speak to us in the future because we know that His voice is our hope for the future.


I thought of a farmer and his sheep: his voice is their way of communication. The servant and the Master – their voices. The bride and the bridegroom – the same. There’s a time to be a bride and a bridegroom: it’s just for that day. But it must go on, that’s vital. When God called us, it was the beginning, and that must go on. We read of one church that left their first love. It’s lovely to see first love and first zeal. In our field, we had a lady coming to the mission, and she came a few times last year. But this year, she surprised us and one day came with her husband and a three year-old boy on her lap. When we sang the last hymn, “Come unto Me,” she stood to her feet. She has given us much joy to see her first love and first joy.


Earlier today, I heard that her husband made his choice last night. That’s just the beginning, and the Lord does reward us, and that can go on. Struggling for life and liberty – it’s worth the effort. But for one church it was said, “Be thou faithful.” They were told how long. It was, “unto death.”


In one of my early years, we were in a field and a lady had professed the year before. Her husband made it hard for her but she kept true and it was lovely to see the change in her life. Then he suddenly died and she never came again. She wasn’t faithful unto death. Let no man take thy crown!


May God help us to keep our feet and guard against that which can take away. A letter normally has a reply and as for God’s people, that’s going on to victory. That would have been the reply. There would have been every evidence of that as they went on. As we sit and as God is face-to-face speaking to us, let us draw near to Him. May it help us as we go on, that we would be His delight.