Max Bowman - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 206, “Gracious Redeemer” (1st Verse)


Two things that make our walk with God easier:  the first thing - understanding the Will of God for Heavenly Wisdom. 

Ecclesiastes 10:10, “Wisdom is profitable to direct.” 

James 1:5, wisdom from above.  It’s easily accessible.  Sharpen that dull blade in your life.  Some decisions cannot be made properly when you’re in your mouth.  After awhile - if the blade / your blade / your life is dull… sharpen your life again- using God throughout your day (for wisdom). 

Ephesians 5:17, start the day with God and God’s will is for that day and ask for understanding. 

Psalms 101:2 (what David wrote), behaving ourselves wisely.  We’re not a perfect people, but we’re in a perfect way. 

I Peter 3:1 (chaste manner of life), pure, behaving wisely.  One source of heavenly wisdom, that’s in the sanctuary.  Dull spirit – Get wisdom.  We should have a sharp spirit.  “All work and no pray makes Jack a dull boy.” 

The second thing - being resigned.  Highest form of worship is being totally resigned to His will. 

Romans 9:20 (“clay that resisteth the potter”)  Submit and let it happen and don’t resist. 

In Daniel, the quick resignation (no matter what) – Daniel 6:20, “He kneeled upon his knees – with no second thought.”  Don’t be afraid to bow before God and be resigned to His will.  Don’t be afraid of the consequences.  God will be honored and He delivered Daniel from the lion’s den. 

Daniel 3, huge golden image the king made – at the sound of the music, everyone had to bow.  Three Hebrew children refused to bow before a false God. 

Daniel 3:16, they didn’t have to think twice about it and they stood while the whole world was bowing and didn’t give into the sound of the music (giving into false idolatry). 

Daniel 3:29, don’t speak against their God.  In submission to God, we can be happy being different.  Don’t second-guess.  Submit to God and be resigned without inner resistance.  God has said it and I will do it.  Give into God.  Know His will by seeking that heavenly wisdom and be resigned.