Meeting for the elderly over 70 years

Isidro Laso.

Was thinking for the time of this meeting and of all the ones that were going to come, and of its principle on the road of God. Today we are here because a day we had this principle. But the goal is the end and yet we have not arrived. A reason that we are here is because we desire to finish. It is possible that the day may arrive in which we will not be capable of saying anything in a meeting, by our physical condition. It is a reality that we have seen changes. Words lose their meaning. It is our life that speaks more than all. Our presence in a meeting, and no tour speech. Does the enemy say to us, now you do not and are not able and do not do what you did before, but it is God who has the last word. Paul said I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. To the end. ...2 Peter1:14 Knowing that in brief I should abandon the body…. I do not believe that Peter was sad, the time was near and the Master was going to declare. The victory is to finish and to be freed of this human body. Psalms 126:3 Great things has done Jehovah… they were in captivity but they considered all that God had done. It is not so much what we do but what He does. Jesus -.. said you are the ones that have remained with me… to the end, He did not speak of their lack and falls. That God may help us and to maintain us faithful to the end!.

Enriqueta Arias.

I am touched to be with you, when I arrived at Catalonia, I was a youth, and I knew you, and now….. thought of the words of David when he said… Young I was and I have aged and I have not seen the just deserted. ....... Was thinking about different places where we read of the olives in Psalms 52:8 I am as a green olive tree in the house of God. How good to be today in the house. In our field there are many olives, the other day spoke with someone that told us, these olives are 400 years old, and still they bear fruit. The fruits are the ones that really are worth in the eyes of our God, like we read in Gálatians 6. In Psalm 1 speaks of the tree that is planted next to the water, borne fruit. THE Psalm 71 has the title, prayer of an elder person.. We sing in the hymn of the day that never we want to forget, in seeing 5, speech of the security since my youth, to see 18 Even in the old age and the gray oh God do not desert me. Thus we desire to continue to the end that his presence will not remove from us.

Juan Gunn.

The life is like the year and has seasons. Each season in its time is beautiful and has its beauty. The orchard in the autumn has somewhat special but they do not carry the flower neither do they have the vigor of the orchard of the spring. In the spring is beautiful to see the trees in flower, full of promise and hope, but a lot can pass between the spring and the autumn. Already we see the trees in autumn, loaded with fruit, some so loaded that no longer have sufficient power neither to be maintained, and need sticks to support to their branches, trees with canes, but how beautiful to see the fruit. What really is of worth is "The fruit", it is for the glory of the farmer. Is not so much by our capacity but by responding to the husbandman. Only thus, He can be glorified, through the fruits. 1 Sam 12, Samuel said, I am old and grayheaded…. Samuel recognized the reality in its life, and not alone recognized it but accepted the reality. It is the spirit to accept the reality is what time does for us. At times we see in the world the ones that do not want to accept the grayheaded stage… try to camouflage it, and it is ugly… and is ugly when we do not want to accept that already we are elderly… trying to avoid what is a reality, only spends forces in which does not have benefit instead of using everything that we are to be what we should be in each station of life. God has something for us to do in every season of life, would be ugly to see an autumn tree with flower…. instead of having fruit.

At times we speak of the youth when of the birth of Jesus... As God used.. Joséph and Mary or John the Baptist, but used also elderly people as Simeón and Anna. God used them to announce the boy that was born. God can use our lives in each season of life to do this. Simeón was in the spirit, the spirit revealed to him, and he was moved by the spirit, and embraced the babe. The babe that by the others was just the same as any babe, but for him, he was the the Saviour of the world. When we begin to listen to The Gospel God gave us of His Spirit and we want to continue being controlled by his spirit to the end. The Spirit NEVER is going to move us to extol ourselves but to extol the boy that was born, the spirit does not cause this to be diminished. Anna was a great age, and sure that by her age could not do a lot but was in the place of service. Being faithful, something that should be in each season of life.. No one must say, I want to be more faithful, you imagine you in a marriage and the husband says, I am quite faithful, it does not mean anything. We are faithful or we are not faithful. Fidelity in all the stations is what God requires. Samuel experienced one of the greatest sadnesses of it being so great, in his old age that God had to console him. They have not rejected you but they have rejected me. When they desired a king. Some they have this sadness when they see inclinations among the kingdom of God, things that are against the Spirit. What to do? Already he was old, did not have the force of before to face the situation or to do something…. But he said… far be it from me that I should sin against God in ceasing of praying for you!!! The only solution was in prayer. There is a servant that already has been eight years in a care home, after a sickness, she can recall all the names of the brothers and sisters and of their children although she has been years without having seen many of them. They asked how she manages to do it… she said, I do not know but each day I begin a day I begin from the north of the country and I go travelling, house by house to the south, and the following day I begin from the south and I go to the north, praying for them.. This is something that all of us can do always, she is not able for much physically but she prays and so remembers all their names. ...

Abraham risked his life and his goods to save Lot, when assembled to the servants of his house and left in defense of him. On another occasion he interceded for him, did not leave home, but remained in front of God, but with the same spirit of before, continued praying in favor of Lot to such extent of almost annoying God, to endanger himself again but seeking the good for his brother. Thus many times the work is a visible work and other times it is done a work in secret. Craig in the special meetings said, I have a successful uncle that has a very large business, of transportation, many trucks etc., but when was made ill of Alzaimer, neither knew what was a truck and did not know that he had owned his own business he only recalled the day that he knew the truth. What he loved. Accepting the reality that we are already old and full of grayhair, we can continue being useful but it would be the cause of a lot of sadness to the husbandman, to see us with flowers in the autumn when what he wants is fruit not flowers. We do so much that is useless when we do not accept the plan of God. Thus with the same zeal, the same love, and faith we continue ahead and as Simeón leaving the Spirit to continue guiding and carrying us always ahead in the will of God.